Permanent Vacation – Hymns From The Backseat (Exclusive Album Premiere)

The Band:
Once based in Rome, now in Mexico City, Permanent Vacation are a duo originally hailing from Pittsburgh and the North of England.
British singer-songwriter Chris Marks (also known as Lake Michigan) and American singer Juliette Rapp met in Rome at an unlikely time, just before the global pandemic brought the world to its knees and stopped time.
During the long lockdown, the two found themselves staring out the window at the empty streets of the Capital, closed at home “with so much world around them to explore” and, from an initial collaboration on the tracks of the Lake Michigan project, the idea was born, little by little, and developed in something new, a spark that would make Chris’s austere and uncompromising folk songs more vivid and lively, warmer and more welcoming, without, however, losing its oblique charm.
The band quickly teamed up with the Z-Tapes label, and in March this year released their debut album, the wonderful A Love Song For Everyone.
They make hazy, folk-tinged bedroom-pop songs, but they have a pretty vast range of influences from soul to jazz to a more song-oriented pop.

The Album:
The new album, which will be out worldwide on November 8th, again on Z Tapes, is called Hymns from the Backseat is a giant step for Permanent Vacation and you can listen to it now exclusively here ahead of its release.

Hymns from the Backseat is in many ways the concept album for your twenties. While listening, we loosely follow this character – the traveler. We see them move in the physical world, yet we see them stumbling through their interior world as well. We can all relate to them. Trying and failing at love, enduring the pressure of getting our shit together, getting older and just trying to make sense of it all. Reading into things, looking for meaning in everything. That’s Hymns from the Backseat”.

Permanent Vacation

Hymns from the Backseat is out November 8th via Z Tapes. Click HERE for more information on Permanent Vacation.


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