Permanent Vacation – And So It Goes (Video Premiere)

Permanent Vacation is vocalist and writer Juliette Rapp and songwriter Chris Marks (who is also known for his solo project Lake Michigan). They formed in Rome in early 2020, subsequently releasing two albums on cassette and digitally through Z Tapes. The first one, A Love Song For Everyone, was out in March 2021, while Hymn From The Backseat was out in November, same year. Their third record, titled Shelf Life, is due for release on December 2nd 2022 with New York label Totally Real Records. 

Their sound can be found in an off the highway motel, somewhere between indie folk, bedroom pop, and lo-fi late night shoegaze. You’re there in that dimly lit room with them, witness to the pair crooning together in that moment. You can even hear the 1950s sci-fi movie playing at low volume on the T.V. in the background. It’s that immersive.

And So It Goes is the fourth and last single to be lifted from the new album. It will be out on November 30th.

And So It Goes

Milky IPA, cut lip
I never will get over it
Your hand, my shirt

Keep breathing in
Last I heard you weren’t my friend
Last I heard, I heard again

The bird play backwards song again
Grifters weep for cigarette
The sound of startled, clearing throat

I never will get over it
The moon has kept me in this cage
The sound of you around my neck

I never will get over it
Last I heard you weren’t my friend
Last I heard, I heard again

About the new album: Permanent Vacation new album Shelf Life is out December 2nd 2022 on 25 mono cassette tapes -and digitally- on Totally Real Records. It was written, recorded, mixed and mastered at home in Mexico City.

Shelf Life
1. Peach Juice
2. The King in Yellow
3. Perennial
4. Desert Fish
5. Hurricane Stew
6. And So It Goes
7. Blueprints
8. FM
9. Crusade
10. Western Medicine


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