Lake Michigan – While J is Asleep (single premiere)

Lake Michigan is the solo project of English singer songwriter Chris Marks, born in York, where he grew up, then moved to London in his early 20s. He lived and worked in Rome for many years and now living in Mexico City. Making “Late night music” since 2010, Lake Michigan has seven albums and many singles and ep under his belt and is one half of Permanent Vacation with vocalist and writer Juliette Rapp.
His latest record, Headspace, out in 2021 on ZTapes, was about “love, change, Rome and a pelican“.
His new album Thin Veil will be out in March, releases on cassette and digitally through Chord Organ Tapes and will see a really different approach to composing and playing music for Lake Michigan.
The first single from the album, While J Is Asleep, will be out tomorrow and you can listen to it here right now for the first time.

What he says: “While J is Asleep is the first single from my upcoming record Thin Veil.
The process of making this album was the beginning of an overdue deep dive into making primarily electronic music. It’s influenced by a whole host of film soundtracks, minimal dance music, late nights & early mornings, and the unique marriage of leafy calm and utter chaos that Mexico City provides its residents.” Among his influences for this record Mark cites Suicide, Oneohtrix Point Never and “Japanese neo classical and ambient composers”.

Lake Michigan

Thin Veil

1. Koi Pond
2. Trafalgar Bay
3. Mercedes Benz 1
4. Tail Lights
5. Stay the Same
6. Mercedes Benz 2
7. While J is Asleep
8. Thin Veil


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