Constant Follower – Neither Is, Nor Ever Was Full Length Film

We love Constant Follower so much, you know. And we loved their debut album Neither Is, Nor Ever Was, which came out in 2021 on Shimmy Discs.
We talked about them a lot, we shared their music, their videos and their mixtape (which was a labour of love from them to us).

Now the Scottish band launched a Crowdfounding to get to SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas and shared a new 42 minutes video made by Scottish filmmaker Sean Hall. The Video, made to accompany Constant Follower’s full album Neither Is, Nor Ever Was was shot in and around Cowal Peninsula, in Argyll and Bute in the west of Scotland.
Watch it. It’s a beaut!

What Stephen McAll says: “For me, the music has always been a multi-sensory experience. When I’m arranging the songs and building the textures, I’m not thinking as much in sound but more like how it feels to me – recreating a feeling I had when I was, for example, standing on an empty beach in the driving rain, safely warm and wrapped in my winter clothes. So I always thought there would be a visual accompaniment to the songs. So much of the feelings in the songs were experienced around the Cowal Peninsula, on the West Coast of Scotland, that there was nowhere else the film could be shot. The landscape there is so rugged, but it’s also quite enclosing – there are always mountains in the background, or an island to break up the view across the sea. You feel the vastness but there is always a limiting feature, which is reassuring to me. Sean and I spent several days over there late last year, carting camera equipment up hill and over bog, as I showed him around my favourite places. My parents live there now but it’s still the place of happy childhood summers to me, of smiling children in fading photographs.

What Sean Hall Says: “At its heart, this film is about how landscapes contain and generate both time and memory. I wanted it to feel like a real conversation with the album, to be informed and inspired by it, but to also, hopefully, contribute something new. As with memories, when we revisit them from a different time or place, a different perspective, they can sometimes look or feel different, they take on a new quality. My hope is that this film acts similarly, offering a new vantage point into the work of a band I’ve been so thrilled to get to work alongside, and whose work I really admire.

Neither Is, Nor Ever Was is out now on Shimmy Discs.



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