(Make Me a) TRISTE© Mixtape Episode 19: The Lodger

The Lodger

The Lodger formed in 2004. After 3 sold-out limited 7″s (“Many Thanks For Your Honest Opinion” on Dance to the Radio, “Watching” on Double Dragon, and “Let Her Go” on Angular Records), the band released their magnificent debut album “Grown-Ups” in June 2007 on Angular Records in the UK and Slumberland Records in the US, drawing comparisons with Orange Juice, The Wedding Present and Heavenly. The second album, “Life Is Sweet” was released in May 2008 and the third, “Flashbacks” in April 2010.
Since then Ben Siddal was involved in some other projects, until 2020 when the original line-up of The Lodger reunited to record a new album, “Cul​​-​​De​​-​​Sac of Love“, a gem which came out in March, eleven years after their previous one.

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(Make Me a) TRISTE© Mixtape Episode 18: Bart & Friends

Bart & Friends

In March, “Tolmie Wild Thymes”, a new 10″ mini-album by Bart & Friends, is released on Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten, a small but wonderful label based in Augsburg, Germany.
Bart & Friends is a collaborative songwriting project from Melbourne, Australia led by Bart Cummings. Bart is a well-known figure in the indie-pop underground scene—he’s been active since the ’90s in bands such as The Shapiros, Girl Of The World, Pencil Tin, Hydroplane, The Cat’s Miaow, and many other bands.
Bart & Friends have already released an album and several singles and EPs in the past with labels such as Lost & Lonesome, Matinée, Cloudberry, Drive-In and Shelflife. They create wonderful, song-oriented jangle/indie pop with help from other musical luminaries such as Scott Stevens (Summer Cats, Tangible Excitement!, The Earthmen) Jeremy Cole (The Zebras) Mark Monnone (The Lucksmiths, Monnone Alone), Louis Richter (The Lucksmiths), Pam Berry from the legendary Black Tambourine, Glo-Worm, Veronica Lake, and Gary Olson, who recently released his first solo album on Tapete Records and a fantastic 7″ for our KUS two years ago (Gary is also known as a producer and musician/singer in The Ladybug Transistor).

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(Make Me a) TRISTE© Mixtape Episode 17: Model Village

Model Village

Formed in the summer of 2008, Model Village, from Cambridge, UK, mix jangly guitars, boy-girl harmonies, upbeat melodies and downbeat lyrics, sitting somewhere in the niche between Belle & Sebastian and The Promise Ring (according to their website).
The group has seen a bunch of line-up changes over the years, drawing in people with backgrounds in a whole bunch of different bands, including Econoline, Owl & Mouse, Hey Colossus, Fuzzy Lights, and Reynolds.
They recorded three albums so far, “A Solution To Everything”“You Chose These Woes” and “Healing Centre” and played gigs with The Lemonheads, Allo Darlin’, Jeffrey Lewis, Half Man Half Biscuit, The Wave Pictures, Adam Green, and Slow Club and featured on the main stage at the Indietracks festival.
Their fourth album, “World Of Carp” is out now. And it’s delicious!

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(Make Me a) TRISTE© Mixtape Episode 16: The Catenary Wires

The Catenary Wires

The Catenary Wires formed in 2014, as a duo of Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey.
They had previously been in Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, Marine Research and Tender Trap. The first Catenary Wires album “Red Red Skies” (Elefant/Matinée Recordings, 2015) was a marked departure from the fuzzy sixties-inspired girl-group pop of their earlier bands. It was more acoustic, emotive and melancholy.
With the release of their second album “Til The Morning” (Tapete, 2019), the band expanded to include Andy Lewis (bass), Fay Hallam (vox, keyboards) and Ian Button (drums). While the sound was bigger, the core of the band remained the dual vocals of Amelia and Rob.
The band have just completed their third album, to be released in May 2021. The first single “Mirrorball” is a lovesong inspired by eighties discos.
The band’s name refers to the chain of curves made by the overhead cables seen suspended from pylons or above electric trains, cables that can seem to lead you off to somewhere different and unknown.

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(Make Me a) TRISTE© Mixtape Episode 15: Rachel Love

Rachel Love

Me and some friends formed the band Dolly Mixture in 1978, I was 15 and the other girls were 17. We were very serious from the start and learnt to play our instruments quickly as well as learning song writing. 
I’ve been in other bands since and 8 years ago started making albums under the name ‘Spelt’ with my husband Steve Lovell, ex record producer who worked with artists  such as Blur, Julian Cope, Holly Johnson and Morten Harket.
Last year I started writing a solo album and we recorded it all at home. The first single is Primrose Hill. I was inspired by a painting from the top of the hill looking out over London that my parents bought in the 60’s, I always loved it.

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