The Slow Summits – Time’s On Your Side

The Slow Summits is a four-piece pop band from Linköping, Sweden: Anders Nyberg, Lead vocals/Rhytm guitar/Percussion, Mattias Holmqvist Larsson, Bass guitar/Backing vocals, Karl Sunnermalm, Lead guitar/Acoustic guitar/Harmonica, Fredrik Svensson, Drums.
In their own words, “a bunch of stressed out middle class dreamers trying to write songs that will make the late washing up, the lawn mowing on rainy days, the ironing of non-iron shirts, the paying of past due bills and the early Saturday mornings in front of a telly showing people playing video games, a bit more jolly. Hopefully our songs will make you wonder, laugh, or nod in agreement. At best, they’ll be a momentary cure for the angst of everyday life, and will make you dance till your socks come off“.
Their previous releases consists in the -in some of the most indie corners of the indie establishment (like here), fairly acclaimed- EP Languid Belles and the singles Safe And Sorry, Not The One, Then Again and (Just Another) Holy Night.

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Lightning In A Twilight Hour – Her Own Refrain (Video)

A few months ago Lightning In A Twilight Hour released on the Spanish label Elefant Records, the magnificent Overwintering. this is the third album of the project led by Bobby Wratten, in collaboration with Ian Catt, Beth Arzy, Anne Mari Davies and Michael Hiscock. Her Own Refrain, the song which opens the second part of the album, is sung with Anne Mari Davies and it is a “deconstructed dub-pop. Traditional elements being removed, leaving a ghost of a song whose chorus suddenly switches into sharp focus and displays the most electronic facet of the album“.
The video is a journey from darkness to light and back again, through a succession of colors that Raquel Calvo has masterfully chosen to blend with the melody of the song. A real treat for the imagination that fits perfectly with the group’s imagination.

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Intervista a Filippo Strang (VDSS Studio)

Tiziano Casola per TRISTE©

E’ vero. Ci occupiamo davvero poco della scena musicale indipendente di casa nostra. Molto è dovuto a una mera questione di gusti personali, un po’ anche al fatto che non amiamo le polemiche e le gelosie che, purtroppo, spesso caratterizzano le discussioni intorno alla musica underground italica.
Per rimediare almeno in parte, però – perché siamo convinti che anche da queste parti ci sia del buono e ce ne sia tanto, se solo si gratta un po’ sotto la superficie – il nostro Tiziano Casola (accademico, musicista e appassionato di musica tout court) ha intervistato Filippo Strang, musicista, tecnico del suono e produttore, proprietario del VDSS Studio di Ceprano (l’acronimo sta per Vintage Distorted Shitty Sound), da tanti anni un punto di riferimento per chi in Italia ambisce ad un suono caldo e genuino, completamente analogico, come quello dei dischi indie rock, ‘quelli veri’.

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Constant Follower – Live On The Wallace Monument

Scottish five-piece and TRISTE© favourites Constant Follower have unveiled a stunning live performance recorded in the crown of Scotland’s National (William) Wallace Monument – overlooking the band’s hometown of Stirling. They are the first band to film a session on top of the Wallace Monument. It was recorded earlier this year and directed by Martin J. Pickering. The amazing video features three tracks (The Merry Dancers On TV, Weave Of The World and I Can’t Wake You) from Constant Follower’s debut album from their magnificent debut album Neither Is, Nor Ever Was which was among Triste©’s best records of 2021 (according to Francesco, at least).

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Mustek – Summer Of Blood (Video Premiere)

The Project:

Mustek are a duo from Reggio Emilia (Paolo Bardelli, vocals and synths / Fabrizio Ascari, guitars, bass and programming) who would like to be a bridge between analogue and digital. They have four EPs to their credit that are a snapshot of their different periods: if in the first demo “L’Ora Inquieta” (2005) they frequented the spaces of an electronic-acoustic pop seasoned with trip-hop tinges, in “Dove Ci Siamo Incontrati” (2011) they moved on to a ‘handcrafted’ electro-pop and with “Notturno” (2015) towards more algid and cold territories, while with “Nuvole” (2020) they visited urban and psychedelic places.

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