(Make Me A) TRISTE© Mixtape Episode 106: The Declining Winter

The Declining Winter

The Declining Winter started out as the meanderings of Richard Vincent Adams, a musical project to keep him occupied whilst his band, Hood, was on hiatus (they’re still on prolonged hiatus, apparently). In 2008 their first 7″ The Future Sound of Hip Hop parts 1 and 2 was released, together with a bonus CD of remixes by Epic 45, Remote Viewer, Part Timer and Northstation and their first album, Goodbye, Minnesota came out on Ireland’s Rusted Rail Record. The next Declining Winter record was entitled Haunt the Upper Hallways and appeared on Home Assembly Music in 2009. In 2010 the band released their Official World Cup Theme 2010 again on Home Assembly Music and Scenes from the Back Bedroom Window, a very limited 3″ CDr release on Secret Furry Hole. In 2013 Fragment 5, a 10″ record a was released. The cassette only Lost Songs came out on the same year. 2015 was a busy year for The Declining Winter: they released Home For Lost Souls (Home Assembly), Endless Scenery (Sounds in Silence) and a split 12″ with Isnaj Dui on Rural Colours. Three years later the band released Belmont Slope. Recordings Of Weird Air, a collection of songs recorded onto iPad in late summer/autumn 2020 by Adams alone, was out in 2021, again on cassette only. Really Early ,Really Late, the first proper album since 2018, will be out March 31st and, believe us, it’s magnificent.

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(Make Me A) TRISTE© Mixtape Episode 105: Barbara De Dominicis

Barbara De Dominicis (©Tamari Teliashvili)

Barbara De Dominicis besides using her voice, loves collecting sounds, manipulating them and inventing sound textures. In 2009 she published as a soloist Anti-Gone, a concept album which bases its narrative on Greek mythology. In 2008 she began a collaboration with canadian cellist Julia Kent; their performance (initially under the name of Intermittenze) will soon become a stable project in progress with the name Parallel41 (a musical/ visual/ improvisatory project released internationally on french record label BASKARU in July 2012). Her sound works include Whimsical Cartography – selected among the works which will be exhibited in the collective multimedia show E-ArtQuake in commemoration of the earthquake in Irpinia and Re_di_Sound, a tribute to Marcel Duchamp. Her growing interest in soundscapes leads her to conceive of A tale of two cities: a series of audio collages designed to portray the similarities and differences of two cities which lie on the same parallel, Naples and New York. This work has become a radiowork produced for RadioPapesse vs Radia network, entitled Crossings. Among her current projects Exqusite What [as both curator and creator] a collective inspired by the Surrealist practice  of exquisite corpses dedicated to the creation of an audio-visual web platform; La Reverie/La Sogneria [curator/creator]_a multimedia space linked to dreaming. Besides she curates a series of radio podcasts entitled “The Cat Cinderella” with the aim of promoting the dissemination of works by women artists on the brink between net_art, sound art and audio documentary.

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(Make Me A) TRISTE© Mixtape Episode 104: The Hepburns

THE HEPBURNS were born in the Welsh city of Llanelli, Carmarthenshire county. They formed in January 1985 and have recorded 11 albums, four singles and four BBC sessions in their 32-year career. They also toured the US and Scandinavia in 2017. Born of the post-punk, indie boom of the early-80s, but with their roots in the 1960s, their sound is an amalgam of indie guitar pop with Burt Bacharach, Jake Thackray, and Jonathan Richman as references. Their first full length, The Magic Of The Hepburns came out in 1988 on Cherry Red. After that they started their own label, Magic Records, and in 1989 released the single Electrified (From Countryside To City). In 1989, they also recorded Road Movie, but adverse situations led to the album never coming out (until more recently, when it was released in digital format in 2017) and to a decade-long silence. Then in 2000, Radio Khartoum offered them the infrastructure and support that the group needed, and they released Champagne Reception. In 2003, The Last Thing I Saw Before I Said Goodbye came out and Something Worth Stealing arrived in 2007. The following year, they released Trojan Hearse, a somewhat atypical album on the Welsh label Bendigedig Records. In 2010 How The Fallen Are Mighty came out, back with Radio Khartoum. Seven more years would pass for the next album to arrive: There’s No Such Things As The Hepburns. In 2018 In The Mean Time came out; it was the last album released to date with Radio Khartoum. In 2020, they self-released an album based on stories of the people from Llanelli, the place where they were born, Electric Lliedi Land. In 2021 they released Architecture Of The Ages on Elefant Records, with the vocal collaboration of Estella Rosa (the singer for NAH and SAPHIRE & STEEL) and, again with her contribution, a new album, Only The Hours, will come out March 4th on Lavender Sweep Records. Along with their leader, songwriter and founder Matt Jones, current line up is: Estella Rosa, Mike Thomas, Les Mun and A.D. Clement.

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(Make Me A) TRISTE© Mixtape Episode 103: Oceans


Oceans are Thomas Lee (guitar, vocals), Michael Fox (lead guitar), Sam Black (rhythm guitar), Tom Mcmullin (bass), and Mitch Hicks (drums), a five piece shoegaze band based in Naarm/Melbourne, Australia. With inspirations varying from Joy Division and Slowdive to Boards of Canada and Tycho, the heart of Oceans’ sound is a dedication to experimentation and timbre, creating vast sonic landscapes inspired by ambient, new wave and 90’s shoegaze. Across Oceans’ breakthrough EP’s Come So Far, Live at Dangertone Studios and collaborative effort with UK’s self-titled Wilt, they’ve landed features from Beat Magazine, Backseat Mafia and Trouble Juice, and shows alongside the likes of Grazer and Allysha Joy. As stalwarts in the local scene with their sights firmly set on an international stage, Oceans return to deliver a hard-hitting and emotive ten track LP Dreamers in Dark Cities via Portland label Shelflife Records. Recorded and produced with legendary Australian producer Lindsay Gravina (Rowland S. Howard, Magic Dirt), the LP was written during the 2020 lockdown period, exploring the themes of living in isolation in a once vibrant city that now stands silent as one of the longest locked down cities in the world. The album, which combines lush synth pads with haunting melodies of the baritone guitar setting a moody soundscape for the emotive vocal harmonies, will be out on March 24th.

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(Make Me A) TRISTE© Mixtape Episode 102: Alison Eales

Alison Eales

Alison is a long-standing member of the band Butcher Boy, playing piano, accordion and other keyboards as well as arranging for choir and brass. The band have made three studio albums: Profit in Your Poetry (2007), React or Die (2009) and Helping Hands (2011). All of these albums have been well-received, with React or Die featuring in The Times’ top 100 pop albums of the 2000s. The band have also released two EPs. A compilation album, You Had A Kind Face, was released on Needle Mythology in 2022, along with three new songs, with tracks mastered by Miles Showell at Abbey Road. Butcher Boy have supported bands including Belle and Sebastian, Scritti Politti and The Wedding Present. Eales is also a member of Glasgow Madrigirls and has collaborated with bands including The Color Waves (USA), The Just Joans (Glasgow) and Featherfin (Norway). Mox Nox is her first solo album, to be released on 24 March via Fika Recordings. Mox Nox “is an album about the passing of time – most specifically, the transition from day to night. Its twelve songs explore experiences of all-nighters, anxiety, travel, frustration, and friendship” and was produced by Paul Savage at Chem 19 studios.

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