(Make Me a) TRISTE© Mixtape Episode 20: Raveloe

Raveloe (pic: ©Jason Riddell)

Raveloe is the stage-name – taken from a reclusive weaver in the George Eliot novel “Silas Marner”, of Glasgow-based songwriter Kim Grant, formerly of the band Tongue Trap. After going solo at the end of 2019, Raveloe shared her first single, Abalone, then she signed a deal with Olive Grove Records.
“Notes And Dreams” was recorded at home during lockdown, with remote collaborators found in locations as diverse as Derby, Melbourne and Dumfries.

What She says: My name is Kim, I live in Glasgow in Scotland and I make music under the moniker Raveloe. Over lockdown last year I recorded and mixed my debut EP called “Notes and Dreams”. It was born from ruminations on nature, reflection, growth, love, dreams, self love and ritual. Navigating the pandemic also influenced some of the songs. Writing them was an anchor to me in a time of difficulty. I was spending a lot of time reflecting and creating as a means to channel what I was feeling and observing into something hopeful or beyond myself.
(I will also be releasing a song called New House in May which I am really looking forward to sharing as it is a song that means a lot to me.)

Her Mixtape: I’d like to share with you, my mixtape of songs from various points in my life that have stuck with me and that I connect with and love.

The Microphones – The Moon

I remember walking down West Princes Street in Glasgow on an autumn day walking past the hedges and coming to my flat door, overflowing with inspiration from the emotion and atmosphere that oozes from the lyrics and the sounds in this album (the Glow pt.2) and this song. I remember it spurred the writing of a new song shortly after. It was introduced to me by a good friend and bandmate at the time, Izzy. I listened to it on the bus from Edinburgh to Glasgow some years ago now and was blown away. Theres so much energy in this song, and heart, it also references the moon and I have a penchant for space.

The Evens – Cut From The Cloth

 I very much appreciate the rawness and intimacy of this song. The lyrics are wonderfully thought provoking and the baritone guitar is beautiful and rich. I also love the dynamic of their vocals together and as a Fugazi fan I was bound to love this. It’s been in my life for many years and I keep coming back to it.

The Breeders – Do You Love Me Now

When I think of this song I think of the first summer I moved to Glasgow, I had a walkman (my phone didn’t work to play music on) and I would skate through the streets and to the park listening to this and to the album Last Splash on repeat.
I’ve sung along to this with longing and wonder, sometimes it hits me, some times I dance.

Big Thief – Cattails

I love Big Thief, cats and the moon. There’s moments in Cattails I get to appreciate all of these things. I love the motion of this song, the atmosphere created by the lyrics and the uplifting lilt .I also have a vivid memory of listening to it live (it was my last proper gig that I attended before the global shutdown) which meant a lot to me.

Sibylle Baier – Tonight

Sibylle is just amazing, she brings you right up close and into her world in this song. It has sentimental meaning to me as someone special introduced me to it and it’s one I come back to time and time again. It’s familiar, it’s warm and beautiful.

Liz Phair – Fire Up The Batmobile

I found this song and was immediately captured with what I found to be a nostalgic and intimate sound.
I have a really vivid dream of batman coming to rescue me in their bat-mobile then flying me home and dropping me off to my bedroom when I was really young so I think this is why I connect with it even more.

PJ Harvey – The Wheel

I feel like a bit of a latecomer to fully appreciating PJ Harvey as a songwriter and artist. This song sparked my love for her lyrics and the marrying of power and texture and rawness in her music.

Songs : Ohia – Farewell Transmission

This is a powerful and moving song which I find so richly beautiful and I have listened to it many many times and will hopefully listen to it many more. It has moved me to tears and to sing along.

Notes And Dreams is out now on Olive Grove Records.
Look HERE for more information on Raveloe.

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