(Make Me a) TRISTE© Mixtape Episode 47: Lonny

Lonny (crédit Frédérique Bérubé)

Born in the mountains, raised in Paris, developing her musical talents in Quebec, Louise Lhermitte chose the pseudonym Lonny to bring her songs to life: it’s a way to celebrate the loneliness she needs to write, and a sort of tribute to Neil Young’s “Loner”.
The twenty-eight years old Louise-Lonny has already traveled a lot, with her guitar and her violin under her arm, solo or in trio, on many different stages: she studied opera singing and viola since her childhood and always knew that she would choose music to express herself. Her first EP (under the name Lonny Montem), was What kind of music do you play?, out in 2017 and sung in English, but, after returning from a duet tour of Quebec with singer Florent Bertonnier, alias Refuge, she decided to write in French. With, for literary references, artists like Yves Simon, Véronique Sanson or Dominique A, and among his bedside books, Les Nourritures terrestres by André Gide.
Her debut album, Ex-Voto will be out on January 21, 2022.

The Single: Lonny’s new single Comme La Fin Du Monde was produced by Canadian Jesse Mac Cormack, recorded in Montreal and it brings together all the depth and authenticity of North American acoustic music, and all the emotion of a refined and intimate French poetry. Lonny’s voice, delicate and powerful, charms and touches the heart once again. Accompanied by a movie clip directed by Romain Winkler Comme la Fin du Monde makes Lonny one of the best promises of the months to come.

Incandescente is an ode to resilience, that celebrates “the little light” that continues to shine in everyone despite adversity.

La Maison Des Filles is a song of mourning and hope that brings to life the ghosts of loved ones who have passed away.

What She Says: “Music has a rather mystical place in my life, my songs are little ex-votos”

Her Mixtape: “I chose only songs that I’ve ever listen ten times in a row…”

Bob Dylan – Blind Willie McTell

My friend Margot always says : «One can ever says he doesn’t love Bob Dylan after listening to that song » and it is true. Indeed, between all Bob Dylan’s songs, it’s very hard to pick up one but Blind Willie Mac Tell has something special to my heart. Maybe it’s the intensity in the way hi sings it…The long crescendo that makes it pretty hypnotizing, going along the same and simple (but very powerful) chord progression. And of course the lyrics… the last verse always makes my cry at some point when he goes “Well, God is in heaven / And we all want what’s his / But power and greed and corruptible seed / Seem to be all that there is / I’m gazing out the window / Of the St. James Hotel/ And I know no one can sing the blues / Like Blind Willie McTell“. It’s very moving that someone like Bob Dylan who can be regarded as someone very self satisfied sometimes, is actually saying very humbly how little we all are in front of greatness of music.

Torres – Dressing America

I’ve been listening to this song a lot in Montreal while finishing my album. I love how messy the production feels and the freedom of the song writing. I could tell the person who produced was the same person who wrote the song! It’s sounds self made and both quiet epic (in a (Dusty) Springfield way!). And the storytelling is quiet beautiful because I knows she self-made the record after a terrible fallout with her former label 4AD. And I could tell she put everything she had in this one (Silver Tongue), and had her revenge. The song Dressing America sounds like a instant classic for me!

Neil Young – Here We Are In The Years

Again it’s very hard to pick up a song among the many masterpieces Neil Young composed. But I must admit I have a crush on first albums. I always tend to see it with artistic freedom and freeness, the first sound who comes out you. In this case, you can feel that the hole genius of Neil Young is already inside his first record. I listened to that song a lot during the first lock down in France, thinking of the country.

Sharon Van Etten- Remembering Moutains

I don’t know about Karen Dalton so much. I know that she died in the year I was born and I got compared to her by my music mates several times. One day I’ll  get deeper into her albums, and will get to know her more. Meanwhile I’m very moved by Sharon Van Etten’s work. I ran luckily into this song that she composed with Karen Dalton’s lyrics and was flabbergasted by both lyrics and music for an album called Remembering Mountains : unheard songs by Karen Dalton

Laurie Anderson – O Superman

What a special song. What a genius production! Listening to this is like entering into an other dimension of life. It’s not even a song anymore! It’s a 8:25 trance! I would advice anyone who doesn’t know the song to listen to it calmly, fully focused of that sound.

Big Thief – Mythological Beauty

Big Theif is my major infuse, crush, emotion I have been given to receive since 2018. I pick up Mythological Beauty, witch is to me both a harmonica and melodically proof of genius. I listened to it on the road, at mornings, night, heartbroken and in moments of great joyfulness. I’m always very moved by Adrianne Lenker’s guitars, and in this case she nailed it with a wonderful open tuning looping the whole song, it hypnotized me. 

Lonny – Ex-Voto (Artwork : © Les Artisans = Brian McHenry (illustrations) + Pascal Blua (DA/graphisme))

Ex-Voto will be out on January 21, 2022Look HERE for more information on Lonny.



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