(Make Me a) TRISTE© Mixtape Episode 62: Crystal Eyes

Crystal Eyes (©Walter E. Neuman)

CRYSTAL EYES are an Indie dream rock band (with hints of psych, shoegaze, 60’s pop and 90’s grunge) led by vocalist/guitarist Erin Jenkins. The band features warm effect-drenched guitar and synth, at times layered or alternately stripped down. Their early recordings are defined by live off the floor performances and the analogue recording techniques of producer/musician Chris Dadge (Chad van Gaalen, Alvvays, Lab Coast).

Drawing on a vast array of musical influences, landscapes and collaborations, Crystal Eyes have thrived in a diverse and supportive cross-Canadian music scene, honing their live show through multiple tours and as consistent hometown favourites. Their debut ep, in 2015, was called No Man Is An Island, followed a couple of years later by their first full lenght The Female Imagination. In 2019, they released Radical Softness, a split single with Edmonton’s Marlaena Moore, and traveled to Montreal’s Breakglass Studios to record their second full-length album, produced by Andrew Woods (The Operators) and mixed by Mark Lawson (The Arcade Fire). The new album, The Sweetness Restored will be out on Bobo Integral Record on April 22nd, 2022.

What Erin Says: “The Sweetness Restored is a feel good self help record for the age of existential dread. With themes of dreams, nature, love, time, resiliency, control vs. chaos, god and intimacy. How do we begin to repent? Musically, we wanted instruments of different eras – the hammond B3 with Leslie speakers or the theravox (proudly made in Windsor, Ontario!), paired with string quartets, choirs, pianos, synthesizers and many guitars.
You’ll definitely hear that we’re standing on the shoulders of giants here, with our obvious love for bands like The Cure and The Beatles reflected in a re-interpreted hommage. There are many eras and textures explored, and although the record is definitely not one palette, we like the postmodern confusion it speaks to.

Her Mixtape: “I decided to focus on all Canadian artists that might be under your radar but who deserve to be famous. It was actually REALLY hard to limit to only 8 choices (by the way, I cheated and actually gave you 9). And there’s lots more I could name!
So, here are some of my favourite Canadian bands from the last 5-10 years.

Lab Coast – Really Realize

Lab Coast are a band I’ve loved for years. The songs are intellectual without being pretentious, simple without being easy, and just really relatable. They make lo-fi sound good.

TeledromeDial Tone

Teledrome captures everything that made artists like The Cars or Gary Numan so great. Just really tight pop music you want to listen to again and again.

Faith Healer – Acid

This is one of those albums where I remember where I was the first time I heard it. Jessica Jalbert is a brilliant songwriter and Renny Wilson’s production is so pitch-perfect.

Melted Mirror – Subway Moonlight

Melted Mirror is the best kind of post-punk, the perfect marriage of guitar and the synth. Moody without being a downer.

Ghostkeeper – Grassy Plains

Ghostkeeper’s sound is so unique and future-retro. Their live shows are powerful and I have so much respect for their artistry and what they bring to the world.

Feel Alright – In Bad Faith

Criag and Brady are incredibly talented and this album has a perfect guitar pop, Cleaners From Venus vibe. (p.s. You can catch their new project, Motorists on Bobo Integral Records!).

Jody Glenham – RSVP

Jody Glenham is a beautiful singer/songwriter in the vein of Mazzy Star. She also makes great music videos and is an all-around rad human being!

Maggy France – May

This EP really hit me in the solar plexus. Definitely give the whole thing a listen, the songs really flow well – it feels like a moment in time.

Legal Vertigo – The Brasserie

Andrew Woods (mystery man behind Legal Vertigo) produced our album The Sweetness Restored, and he has such a unique genius. His music has a real sense of humour and unleashed creativity – nothing is off limits in the Legal Vertigo world. This song is an adorable ode to a beloved Montreal bar.

The Sweetness Restored will be released on April 22nd on Bobo Integral.
Look HERE for more information on Crystal Eyes.



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