(Make Me a) TRISTE© Mixtape Episode 68: phoneswithchords


cut the kid will be the first album by phoneswithchords, stage name of Arthur Alligood, singer songwriter from Tennessee. He defines his debut album, which will be released on cassette on the fabulous Z Tapes on May 13th, as “songs about stuff that happened.” And Z Tapes gave us an absolutely incredible bedroom songwriter. His songs are understated and, frankly, just magnificent. Intimate, honest stories of lost love, just total heartbreakers.
Arthur Alligood aka phoneswithchords takes you to a pure beautiful homely world. All the songs on his debut album were recorded in his living room on a really old Mac computer with a cheap microphone and an even cheaper parlor guitar named Blanche.
Enough said. Just listen!

What he says:”I began recording ‘cut the kid’ during the summer of 2021 as a way to experiment with home recording. I gave myself strict limitations: one guitar, one microphone, and one DAW(Digital Audio Workstation) or one computer. Giving myself such rigid boundaries allowed me to really explore what was possible with just a handful of musical tools. There was no real separation between the songwriting process and the act of recording. When ideas showed up I immediately started recording them. It was a very spontaneous, in-the-moment experience

His mixtape:

Damien Jurado – Ohio

I remember hearing this song and being so drawn into the story.  Damien is one of America’s finest living songwriters.  I wish he was more of a household name.

Lomelda – Hannah Sun

Lomelda is my favorite musical discovery of the last 5 years.  This melody gets lodged in my brain and never leaves.  I love how it’s really just a chord progression over and over.  It doesn’t veer at all and feels like it could go on forever.

Bill Fay – Be Not So Fearful

Jeff Tweedy is a huge fan and so am I. This song makes me feel less alone. It reminds me of growing up in the church and being with a congregation of people trying to remind each other that everything’s going to be ok.

Molly Parden – Who Are We Kiddin’

Molly is a friend of mine and it has been amazing to see her rise to prominence over the last couple years. Love the feel of this one. It immediately makes me relax.

Hovvdy – Blindsided

Another favorite musical discovery right here. This song instantly takes me back to the Summers of my childhood.  It has that certain ache in it that all good songs have.

Denison Witmer – Little Flowers

Without Denison I wouldn’t be a songwriter. This is one of my favorite songs of his. It’s absolutely perfect. My mixtape started with a story and ends with one about St. Francis. Also, Sufjan is played on this whole album, but this song is worth the price of admission.

cut the kid will be out on May 13th on Z Tapes. Look HERE for more information on phoneswithchords. 



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