(Make Me a) TRISTE© Mixtape Episode 70: Future West

Future West

Future West is a 4-piece Alt./Indie/Lo-Fi ensemble conceived by frontman Francis Watters some years ago. With their studio HQ based in Dundalk, Ireland, the band have been busy at work this past year after a recent signing with Galway based label Blowtorch Records. The band have recently put out two singles in 2022, Late Last Nite and All My Sins with a third, Give You My Time,  to follow in June. Presenting the live show as a four-piece band and with a speaker full of beats, loops and samples, Future West deliver their own unique style of indie/noise-rock tinged with synth-pop/pulsing dance beats with Watters maintaining relentless honesty in his thought provoking, emotive and witty lyrics. The band have spent the last 18 months writing and recording under a new line up and their second album is finished and due for release mid 2022.

Saw you act all surprised, pleasantly wrapped up in lies. This life ain’t on my side. I can’t take no more. Kee-kee-keep pushing me down. I-I-I block it out.
Go for a walk. Read a book. I’ll be okay. And as I dance all along your heartstrings, Can’t make myself stop ‘till I hear the birds sing. Another sad song, another surfaceless fling. Could teach myself a lesson when I get mugged depression but I can’t sleep, won’t eat, don’t dream tonight. (can’t sleep, won’t eat, don’t dream tonight) Maybe I’ll become another casualty? Saucepan eyes, not talking shy. Oh look, it’s 12:30 AM. Like a child, I was scared of all my sins. All alone, so alone in my bed. I take my last match, I die a thousand hard deaths. I button up, button down, drown in cold sweats. I’ve given up my best self, packed my heart away and gave it to you to pick up what I leave behind, to pick up what I leave behind.

Don’t wait up at the door for me./ I’m not who you thought I was, /and for a second there I lost my way./ I won’t be saying sorry ‘til the end of my days./ Now I can’t sleep./ The deafening roar, it keeps telling me, “spill the beans and come clean.”/ This life ain’t for me.
I felt it at the bottom. Oh, you’ve been there too?/ I went out late last nite and now life ain’t easy when you’re not around./ Tell me, how do we get back to normality?/ Have I gotta do a 9-5 to shake it all off?/ Join the gym? Read a book? Put down the telephone?/ Instead I’ll slave over songs./ I’ll dream of worldwide fame and still get nothing done./ It’s all gone wrong again and again./ I’m still sitting at the table with a paper and pen./ But I know it won’t be more than this.

Their Mixtape:

The Strokes – The Adults Are Talking

“I picked The Strokes as the first track as they’re probably the biggest influence on the music I write. This track is from their latest album which is probably their best work since their first record. It was produced by Rick Rubin and to me, really feels like a band bouncing off each other in a live room”

Red Hot Chili Peppers – White Braids & Pillow Chair

This RHCP song is from their new album and first with John Frusciante since 2006. I’m a huge fan of this band when Frusciante is involved. His backing vocals and general musical input into the band are fantastic. I love the chilled out vibe of the first half of this track but what makes it for me, is the second sections blend of western style guitars fused with surf music.

Fontaines D.C. – Roman Holiday

I picked a Fontaines D.C and a Just Mustard track as I wanted to include something Irish in this mixtape but also because I used these bands’ records as reference points to Peter and Pauric when they were mixing the new Future West record. I love both bands’ music and it feels so great to put any of their albums on from start to finish because they’re always perfectly concise and feel like a collection of songs that all belong together. I wanted to get that point across on our new record too.

Just Mustard – Feeder

Gorillaz- El Manana

I picked this Gorillaz song because it heavily influenced the writing of one of our new tracks. I love the drums samples and atmospheric production. Pretty much all of Gorillaz’ stuff in influential in some way so it was hard to pick just one song by them.

Hamilton Leithauser – Wack Jack

This Hamilton Leithauser track is an absolute banger. This man gave me the confidence to really push my voice to the next level and start really belting out the words with plenty of emotion but while also keeping it under strict control the whole time. Not many people I know have heard of him or this record which is a shame.

The Cribs – On A Hotel Wall

The Cribs had to be included because, like The Strokes, they’re one of the reasons I do everything that I do. Most people know them as an Indie landfill band from 2007 because of their hit tune “Men’s Needs” (which is a banger) but I’ve always been a big fan of their darker, more grungier side and this song is a perfect representation of how a band can pull off many different styles and do it well. Also, they’re the reason why a lot of Future West tracks contain plenty of noise, feedback and atmospherics in the production.

All My Sins and Late Last Night are out now. Their, yet untitled, second album will be out mid 2022 on Blowtorch Records. Look HERE for more information on Future West.



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