(Make Me a) TRISTE© Mixtape Episode 80: Breathless


Breathless are an English band formed in 1983 by Dominic Appleton (vocals, keyboards), Gary Mundy (guitar), Ari Neufeld (bass) and Tristram Latimer Sayer (drums). Across nearly four decades, Breathless have released eight magnificent studio albums, and many singles and EPs, all on their own label, Tenor Vossa Records.
Appleton is also known for his vocal contributions in 4AD supergroup This Mortal Coil, appearing on three tracks on their 1986 album Filigree & Shadow, and one track on their 1991 album Blood.
The band, since the beginning, reached a cult following and, without changing his line-up (Latimer Sayer was replaced by Martin Watts in 1987), has produced a musical blend that is very difficult to categorize. A continuous dialogue between rock and psychedelia, dream pop and experimentation. An astonishing musical coherence that has led the formation to the present day. Their new album See The Colours Fly, mixed by Kramer, was out on August 5th on Tenor Vossa Records.

What Ari Says: “This is definitely the album that has been the hardest for us to make, but also the one I am happiest with and most proud of. Tristram’s car accident was such a shock to us, especially happening just a few days before we were due to go into the studio to record the first song.
We also had two really unproductive recording sessions, from which we only managed to salvage, the basic tracks of 2 of the 6 songs we went in to record. But as it happens this turned out really well, as we ended up recording the rest of the album at home, which opened a whole new world of sounds and textures. With Kramer transforming our music with his incredible mixes at the end.
It was a big learning curve for me, as I had to learn to program drums and record the basic tracks at home first, so that Dominic and Gary could then add their parts, but as I was editing what they had sent me, I could also hear whole new melodies in my head, which I kept adding as I went, mainly as synthesizer parts. 
I can’t believe it, but there isn’t one song that I don’t like on the album. Though I guess my particular favourites are: We Should Go Driving, as I have such great memories of shooting and editing the video, when I had to listen to it over and over again; The Party’s Not Over, as I love the way it is both a great pop song, but also really moody and atmospheric and I Watch You Sleep, as I love the journey it takes and love Dominic’s Suicide keyboards – as well of course as his vocals – and Gary’s Disco guitar and I am so impressed with Kramer’s mix, as he had 72 tracks to contend with, but still managed to make it sound so powerful.

Her Mixtape:

Ennio Morricone – Ecstasy Of Gold 

Very difficult to chose just one of the Maestro’s compositions, but this is the one that I always prayed he’d play when I saw him live and loved the moment of anticipation when he accompanied Susanna Rigacci onstage, as she sings on all my favourite Morricone pieces.

The Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter

One of best introductions in modern music. It never fails to send shivers up my spine, even after all these years. I think people are always surprised that I like the Stones, because of the music I play myself. But I absolutely love them and would see them live above anybody else on the planet (even Neil Young).

Louis Armstrong – We Have All The Time In The World

I love both this version with Louis Armstrong singing and John Barry’s instrumental .Having an old man, who’s time is running out singing this song, makes this even more poignant.

Kramer – Stars Will Die Tonight

I really liked the Butthole Surfers at the time and the work Kramer did with Low, Galaxie 500 and of course particularly with Breathless!  – but I wasn’t aware of his solo music until working with him and love both his albums, And The Wind Blew It All Away and Music For Films Edited By Moths, and particularly this song.

Eerie Wanda – Long Time

This is again someone I discovered through working with Kramer and absolutely love her voice and the dreamy, slightly 50’s mood of her songs, very David Lynch.

Dusty Springfield – The Look Of Love

The perfect combination of Dusty’s tender, velvety voice and Bert Bacharach’s brilliant songwriting. Herb Albert’s amazing trumpet solo being the icing on the cake. Hal David’s lyric’s were sometimes a bit questionable, but Bert’s songwriting is nearly always impeccable.

Jim Sclavunos – Holiday Song

This song will forever remind me of the bleakness of lockdown and just how un celebratory Christmas felt that year, but also of the glimmer of hope and beauty it offered.

Richard Hawley – Soldier On

I am a big fan of Richard Hawley. especially of his Mute albums. He’s a great songwriter and has a fantastic voice, but people never seem to mention his brilliant guitar playing. I love the sparseness and subtly of this song, making the end even more electrifying.

See The Colours Fly is out now via Tenor Vossa Records. Look HERE for more information on Breathless.



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