(Make Me a) TRISTE© Mixtape Episode 95: Dylan Mondegreen

Dylan Mondegreen (©Julie Pike)

Dylan Mondegreen is the alias of Børge Sildnes (“Mondegreen means misheard lyrics, and well, a Dylan mondegreen refers to misheard Bob Dylan lyrics. It wasn’t my intention that people should believe it’s a person’s name, but it seems like most do. I think the name says something about the beauty of pop music; that it doesn’t need to be understood or analyzed.“), Norwegian singer and songwriter whose debut album, While I Walk You Home, was released 2007. The second album, The World Spins On, was released in 2009 and in 2012 Mondegreen released a third, self-titled album on Shelflife Records, co-produced and mixed by Ian Catt, best known for his work with Saint Etienne, The Field Mice and other bands on the Sarah Records label. Every Little Step was released in April 2016, again for Shelflife Records, while his latest album, A Place In The Sun, came out in 2018, also produced by Ian Catt. After almost four years of silence, in 2022 remixes of Keeper of Secrets (by Ian Catt) and The Heart is a Muscle (by Invisible Twin/Shoestrings) saw the light and two new singles came out, A Sound Rings True and To Change Your Heart, both of which could be included in a new album coming out next year.

What He Says: “Mixed and produced by me, with Liam Hutton on drums, Meredith Moore on horn, and Spanish singer Noon on backing chorus. It’s a song about bad communication: to reach out a hand in vain – and then trying to be the bigger person”

“A Sound Rings True is produced, performed and mixed by me in my home studio, with invaluable contributions from Liam Hutton on drums, Ben Reed on fretless bass and Molly on backing vocals. Mastered by Frank Arkwright.

His Mixtape: “My mixtape is a bit influenced by the fact that it’s Sunday today, and these would probably be some of my top choices for a lazy Sunday playlist.”

This Mortal Coil – Song To The Siren

This is probably the most beautiful song I know, and the one that is most likely to end up on one of my mixtapes. Tim Buckley and Larry Beckett wrote a very nice song, but Elisabeth Frazier’s voice lifted it up to something unearthly. I never get tired of this one.

Everything But The Girl – The Only Living Boy In New York

Another cover song. I chose this because I’m really looking forward to EBTG’s comeback album scheduled for 2023. Another reason is that the music video was directed by Hal Hartley, which is my favorite film maker.

Shabason, Krgovich & Harris – Friday Afternoon

One of my more recent favorites. The Roland from the 90s-sounding synth chords and Nicholas Krgovich is a sublime combination. Reminds me of a lot of good things and it could easily be a Blue Nile song.

Fern Kinney – Together We Are Beautiful

It’s just a lovely slow disco tune. My wife and I had a Sunday playlist which we used to play a lot before we got kids and we had long breakfasts, reading newspapers and listening to music. This song was obligatory.

The Radio Dept. – The Absence Of Birds

One of my favorite current groups. These Swedish guys have a special melancholy to their sound. I love both their more electronic stuff and their guitar-driven songs, like this one.

Pale Saints – Kinky Love

Again, a cover song. I love Nancy Sinatra’s version more, but this the one I heard first. In the mid 90s I was always watching 120 minutes on MTV and recording every program to VHS. This was one of many songs that stuck with me.

A Sound Rings True and To Change Your Heart are out now. A new album should follow in 2023. Look HERE for more information on Dylan Mondegreen.



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