Hansan – Blod Eller Bläck (single release)

Hansan is a Swedish-German duo consisting of Swedish folk/Americana artist Sofia Talvik (who recently charted with her single Too Many Churches on folk radio U.S., and German cello genius David Floer. Together they create beautiful New Acoustic music under the name Hansan (derived from the Swedish word for the Hanseatic league, a trade union between Sweden and Germany originating in the 12th century). Their debut album Nattflykt was out in 2020 and all the songs are self-composed, inspired by everything from Jazz to old traditional folk songs.
Hansan draw inspiration from the raging seas and the Swedish magical forests, but also covers more difficult subjects such as the me-too movement (Hej Då), immigration (Sjung Min Lilla Näktergal) and break-up and independence (Du Du Du). A new album, Blod Eller Bläckwill be out on February 14th on Makaki Music.

Blood or Ink (English translation) :
Blood or ink/ Skin or stone/ Steel or glass/ Knife or bone
Everything cuts just as deep/ Cuts just as deep/ As you want to go
Water and ice/ Splinters and wood/ Scuff or wound/ Storm or leeward
Everything burns just as sharp/ Burns just as sharp/ As you want to go
And you are waiting/ You are waiting/ You are waiting/ For an answer
Now or then/ Sharp or smooth/ Veins of glass/ Lava and rocks
Everything hurts just as bad/ Hurts just as bad/ As you and I
And I am waiting/ I am waiting/ I am waiting for an answer

The new album Blod Eller Bläck (Blood Or Ink) will be released on February 14th and was preceded by three singles, Sommarvisa which was released in 2021, Vårt långa land which won the people’s vote in the category Contemporary Folk Music at the Folk and World Music Gala in 2021, but has not been officially released until now, as well as the title track Blod eller bläck.

Hansan has its roots in folk music and jazz, but on the new album they have developed towards more rhythmic arrangements as well as floating cinematic notes – all with just cello and vocals. It’s almost like you see the images in front of you when you listen to the songs Du är allt and Flyger. At the same time, you can take a deep breath and rest in the soft jazz-pop tunes Om vi inte and Sommarvisa.

Lyrics are an important part of Hansan’s music, and on Blod Eller Bläck they once again return to socialrealist images about immigration and marginalisation in Vårt långa land, the climate change debate in Vår värld – which gives us a peek into a dystopian future, then to be woven together with songs rooted in the heart, about longing and love – perfectly catching the famous Swedish melancholy.


Blod Eller Bläck will be out on February 14th on Makaki Music. Look HERE for more Information on Hansan.



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