(Make Me a) TRISTE© Mixtape Episode 4: New Adventures in Lo-Fi

New Adventures in Lo-Fi

Before blowing out 10 candles, New Adventures in Lo-Fi are back with a brand new song. Started as a solo Turin based project, they are now a stable three members band: Enrico, Michele and Ettore released “Indigo”, a guitar-based and nostalgic indie rock record – an unusual sound for an Italian band – just two years ago, and today, along with their mixtape, they present the video-premiere of their latest “Double Negative”. The recipe remains intact: an intimate songwriting for a bittersweet and melancholy sound, as if the 90s emo scene met autumn sadcore halfway.

What They say:
Double Negative is the first song, following our latest work “Indigo”, that we were able to record all together between our studio in Turin and Ettore’s home near Verona during this pandemic year. We feel lucky to be surrounded by supportive friends like Michele Zamboni, who was our commander-in-chief and patiently recorded, mixed and mastered some new songs of ours, including this one, and Giacomo Bressan, “Brek”, who woke up one day and decided to direct the video in a genuinely lo-fi and unpretentious way. Double Negative is about that time I felt rejected and went for a run, and I asked myself a lot of unanswered questions, running as fast as I could (before running became one the most intriguing acts of freedom of this era).

Their MIxtape:
This is a shared mixtape, but we can easily pass it off as a mixtape made entirely by each of us: we often listen to the same melancholy stuff, although there are almost 10 years of age difference between us. Recently we are all three in a darker mood, which reflects on what we listen to as much as on what we play. And of course, we love making mixtapes, we are still children of the High Fidelity generation. Hope you’ll enjoy this one.

Pinegrove – Size of the Moon (Audiotree Live)

Enrico: I definitely prefer studio version songs over live recording sessions, but Pinegrove are a killer live band and I became obsessed by this version of Size of the Moon from Audiotree live: it’s a gem that always makes me think “I just want to play this fuckin’ way”.

Phoebe Bridgers – Summer’s End (John Prine live cover)

Michele: I have a bunch of go-to tunes to keep me afloat through this damned pandemic, this has been the top choice. I like her as a songwriter, but I love her as a performer.

Porridge Radio – Pop Song

Ettore: That’s one of the best songs I found out this year. Everything seems to be in the right place and the voice has a strong emotional impact to me that I could listen to it for hours without ever getting bored.

Tomberlin – Floor

Enrico: There’s a partially unexplored world out there full of outstanding female songwriters that I’m so glad it is populating day by day; Tomberlin is one my favourite recent discover, her debut album was brilliant and now she’s back with a new EP with a bunch of gentle and intimate mantras, so precious for this messy time.

Lou Reed – Street Hassle

Michele: With more time on my hands, I’ve been able to shorten my IMDB watchlist a bit. I recently watched Noah Baumbach’s The Squid and the Whale for the first time, and I was blown away by that last scene. This track is so inspired, so raw and alive, those Arthur Russell-esque cellos, the uncredited Springsteen cameo, the killer bass line in the middle, New York dripping from every word… unbelievable.

Halleluja! – Pink Socks

Ettore: I listened to this record in march, when we were in deep lockdown and I just wanted to be standing in front of them, watching them live. It’s one of the most powerful song of the year and, even better, it surprisingly came out from a bunch of friends of my city.

The Cure – Underneath the Stars

It would be nice to age well like Robert Smith and associates; Underneath the Stars is such a good and underrated song from their last album, 4:13 Dream, that brings us back to Disintegration. They put aside the voice for a while, for that long instrumental intro: so simple and blue, so dreamy and exciting at the same time.

Double Negative is out now. Look HERE for more information on New Adventures in Lo-Fi.

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