(Make Me a) TRISTE© Mixtape Episode 27: White Flowers

White Flowers (Credit: Hanna Cobb)

Brought up on the sounds of nearby Manchester – think New Order and The Smiths et al – Preston’s duo White Flowers, made up of Katie Drew and Joey Cobb, on 15th January 2020, the duo released their debut double A-side single Night Drive / Portra on Tough Love Records, followed on 8th May by Day By Day / Katy Song (the latter a wonderful Red House Painters’ cover), both co-produced by Doves’ guitarist, Jez Williams.
Following the release of the two 12″s in 2020, White Flowers returned with the Within A Dream EP, a four song collection, released on 15th January 2021. this time co-produced with Ali Chant (PJ Harvey, Perfume Genius, Portishead).
All their videos and records to date, and the artwork for the singles are created entirely by the band, an example of their intentions to create a defined White Flowers universe distinctly their own.
Their (long delayed) debut album, Day By Day will be out next week on Tough Love Records.

What They Say:
The songs we’ve chosen for this mixtape aren’t necessarily all direct influences on ‘Day By Day’. There’s a mixture of songs that have been a longstanding influence for us, and some songs that we’re currently really into…

Their Mixtape:

Salvia Palth – I Was All Over Her

This is from an album we’ve both been drawn into recently. It’s the project of Daniel Johann from New Zealand and the whole thing was recorded when he was just 15. You can tell it’s a really personal record, not recorded with the intention of anyone hearing it, and the naivety of the production makes it all the more interesting.

The Pastels – Cycle (My Bloody Valentine remix)

This is such a tasteful remix of what is already a beautiful song. Every element just drifts along perfectly, making easy to get lost in. Kevin Shields seems to have squeezed even more magic out of the song and taken it to a higher level.

Bowery Electric – Empty Words

We really admire the deceptive simplicity of Bowery Electric’s loops and drones, and it feels like they’re quite an under-appreciated band. They’ve really inspired us recently to experiment with textures, arrangements and sampling. ‘Empty Words’ is one of those songs that instantly soothes your soul when it comes on.

Doves – Rise

Doves were one of the first bands we went to see together when we were younger, so it was pretty cool that we later got to work with Jez from the band. Before they became Doves they started out as a dance act called Sub Sub, so there’s a lot of sampling techniques that filtered through into Doves, resulting in that richly textured sound. The sonics and effects on ‘Rise’ are a perfect example of that.

Aphex Twin – #3

This track sounds so natural, like the feeling you get when you drift off into a daydream and forget who you are for a moment. We recently re-discovered it whilst watching the latest Adam Curtis documentary ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head’. The whole series is fascinating, and quite scary, making you re-evaluate your perception of the world we live in. It’s also got this amazing soundtrack featuring Aphex Twin,  Burial, Stars of the Lid, Nine Inch Nails and loads more.

Deerhunter – Hazel Street

This early Deerhunter song is one of our favourites. There’s something really haunting about the melody that makes you feel nostalgic for something you never even experienced… The album recording is quite ambient in a way, but there’s also a live version of this song, from an iTunes session they did a while back, which has a raw energy reminiscent of early New Order.

The Sundays – Goodbye

An amazing song by The Sundays. Harriet Wheeler’s voice is so unique and her lyrics are full of humour and honesty. ‘Goodbye’ strikes that delicate balance between feelings of sadness and happiness.

Green House – Peperomia Seedling

Discovered Green House during lock down last year, when we were both getting heavily into ambient stuff to help us relax and zone out from the world. The EP this is from, Six Songs For Invisible Gardens, has been one we’ve gone back to a lot – it also makes you feel like you’re in the game Animal Crossing, which is a bonus.

“Day By Day” will be out on June 11th, on Tough Love Records.
Look HERE for more information on White Flowers.


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