(Make Me a) TRISTE© Mixtape Episode 30: Die Zärtlichkeit

Die Zärtlichkeit

Die Zärtlichkeit is a German jangle pop band from Cologne. Die Zärtlichkeit are Andreas Fischer (vocals, lyrics) and Tobias Emmerich (music, lyrics). After the two met on Facebook in mid-2019, the first songs were written and recorded in their home studio shortly afterwards.

Based on the indie sound aesthetics of the 80s by bands like The Smiths, Orange Juice, Cleaners from Venus and influenced by lyrics of German bands like Tocotronic, they’ve released two self-published EPs in 2020 (“Die Zärtlichkeit”, “Die Zärtlichkeit II”). Both EPs unexpectedly found national and international appeal in indie pop circles. German indie label Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten around Ronny Pinkau also became aware of Die Zärtlichkeit and their very first 7 inch single is now available: “France Gall / Montagmorgen”.

Their Mixtape:

Die Bienenjäger – Was Werden Wir Finden

Tobias: When we first talked to Ronny from label Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten he said that our songs remind him of the music released by German 80s indie label Fast Weltweit. Both of us didn’t really knew most of these bands and it took me one year to really dive into these artists. One that really stuck were Die Bienenjäger (The Bee Hunters). If it wasn’t for the German lyrics, “Was Werden Wir Finden“ could have easily fit onto “Hatful Of Hollow“ by The Smiths, 1984.

Tocotronic – Kapitulation

Andreas: This band may not be a household name to many listeners outside of Germany, yet Tocotronic are one of the biggest influences for us. With their album “Kapitulation” they had entered a creative phase, which can be understood as a departure from their early work. Their lyrics are very striking, but never easy to interpret.

Distant Cousins – Concrete Boxes

Tobias: I discovered this song last year while browsing for 80s jangle pop. Distant Cousins were an English band from Manchester and this is the B-side to their only single to enter the charts in 1989. 32 years later the second voice in the chorus is still giving me goosebumps: Is there a noise in the distance?

Everything But The Girl – When All’s Well

Andreas: I think you can hear the influence of 80’s British guitar pop in our music. I like to think of “When All’s Well” by Everything But The Girl as the most glittering example. Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt also started a duo and it’s exciting to see how they’ve evolved musically.

Jens Lekman – Some Dandruff On Your Shoulder

Andreas: Jens Lekman has been my favorite musician for a long time. On his album “I Know What Love Isn’t” he explores the gray areas of love, writing from the perspective of the abandoned and the abandoner. Despite the prevailing melancholy, Jens always manages to tell his stories with wit and hope. This gives comfort to very many listeners.

Botschaft – Herrschaftsfrei

Tobias: Even Botschaft (Message) released their song “Herrschaftsfrei“ in 2019 it sounds like the sunny-melancholy soundtrack to your beach trip from 1986. If you can keep up with the high note in the chorus please leave us a message.

Prefab Sprout – If You Don’t Love Me

Andreas: It’s important to us that a song has a beautifully crafted melody. Paddy McAloon has perfected that as the songwriter of Prefab Sprout. Even the song “If You Don’t Love Me,” whose early 90’s production may not have aged well, shows how great the arrangement is. It’s admirable.

Quinton Brock – To the moon

Tobias: If you ever wished for a Weezer-Pixies-XTC supergroup this might be what you were looking for. Makes me think of those summers long ago that never happened.

France Gall / Montagmorgen 7” is out now on Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten.
Look HERE for more information on Die Zärtlichkeit.



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