(Make Me a) TRISTE© Mixtape Episode 44: The Slow Summits

The Slow Summits

The Slow Summits is a four-piece indiepop band from Linköping, Sweden: Anders Nyberg is the lead vocalist, plays rhythm guitar and does backing vocals, Mattias Holmqvist Larsson plays bass guitar, keyboards and Percussions and does backing vocals, Karl Sunnermalm plays lead guitar, keyboards, piano, harmonica and glockenspiel and Fredrik Svensson plays drums and sings backing vocals.
Slow Summits was the fifth studio album by the Scottish band The Pastels, released in 2013 and (who knows?) the band was named after that record. 
So far the Swedish band had a wonderful debut e.p. out in 2019, Languid Belles, (on two of the songs on the Languid Belles EP, Amelia Fletcher does some stunning backing vocals) a couple of jangly pop songs in 2020 (Safe And Sorry and Not The One) and a new song which was out this summer, Then Again. It’s unclear at the moment if they’re working on a debut album, but a couple more songs are in the making and hopefully one of them will be out before Christmas.

What They Say: “Some might call it catchy. Others annoyingly catchy. Then there are those who think catchy is a way too simple description of a song, who think that, even if it, to the slightest extent, would be acceptable to make such an indolent and colloquial labelling – this song definitely does not meet none of the 23 criteria, and would argue that since the origin of the concept “catchy” in 1831, there have been only three times in music history where it has been more wrongly used. This song is for those chaps.

We are in the making of getting a couple of new songs ready for recording. At best, one of them should be released before this Christmas. Or the next.

Their Mixtape:

Side A – Fabulous

Dexys Midnight Runners – This Is What She’s Like

Dexys Midnight Runners is the best band of all time (the setting with Kevin, Billy and Helen) according to us, Don´t Stand Me Down is their best album and ’This Is What She’s Like’ is their best song. This chat between Kevin and Billy, you wish it’d go on forever (it nearly does), don’t you? To write a love song where the narrator – while attempting to describe his newly found love – is able to condemn the upper class, the newly rich, the people who hop on the bandwagon of fashion and the (appeared) poseurs in the anti-nuclear movement is nothing but pure genius. And the humming part where it all comes clear to Billy. Words are not enough. 
Also, in this video (sadly a short version of the song) it states they were also the best looking band. Suits do not suit any of us, but boy if they did.

Kirsty Maccoll – He’s On The Beach

I bought this 12’’ single some twenty years ago. Oh, the spark of joy that hits me every time I put it on. It’s not only an amazing pop song, it’s also a story about finding your place – a textbook on how to change your life. ’He says it’s brilliant there. It’s something in the air. And sunshine everywhere. He’s on the beach.’ It beats me why we all haven’t moved to Sydney. Then again, I prefer to stay in the shade.

My Bloody Valentine – Thorn

I bought the You Made Me Realise EP in the amazing record store CD Drome when I lived in Barcelona. Having only heard the drowsy Loveless before this was nothing less than a revelation. The same lethargic screaming guitar. But with a thundering bass and machine gun drum fills, making it one of the best pop songs ever.

Grant McLennan – Haven’t I Been a Fool

Me and Mattias (bass player and writer of the lion’s share of our best songs) have debated who was/is the best songwriter of McLennan and Forster. Hundreds of times. The positions are locked. Possibly because I have a problem putting my finger on what is the genius of Grant McLennan. I don’t bother too much about rhythm, attitude or not even words. Grant could write songs with quite simple but life lasting hooks. 
Some might say I’m obsessed with Grant McLennan. But there are days he never crosses my mind. Days not spent searching the internet for hours and hours for that kind of 49’ers cap he wore on the cover of his first solo album, Watershed, and in the video for ’Easy Come, Easy go’ knowing I look ridiculous in a cap. 
This is perhaps not a brilliant version of the song. But it’s a brilliant portrait of friendship. You look for love – but it’s really a friendship like this you want to find.

Cinerama – Kerry Kerry

I really think David Gedge is one of the greatest writers of pop lyrics and he knows his way around pop melodies better than most. Someone once said our songs reminded him of The Wedding Present. Someone else then said that of all great bands that people with great music taste like The Wedding Present’s the worst. Provocative, to say the least. It wasn’t me obviously. But sometimes even I think they could have done well gearing down, that they at times were a bit too loud-mouthed and astride. And sometimes I just can’t forgive them for what they did to ’Felicity’. Then a friend played ’Kerry Kerry’ to me. I really think David Gedge should be knighted.

Side B – Super

Golden Silvers – Dreamgirl Nightmare

When I first heard Golden Silvers (’Arrows of Eros’) I was hoping for a life long relationship. But it never really began before they ended things. This little gem is all I have left (except for some records and a killer pin). The tentative hockey organ, Gwilym Gold looking and sounding like a million bucks, the angelic hummingbird choir. I could hum this tune forever. Gwilym Gold escaping pop music for more ambient stuff is just sad. This song never being released is an open wound.

Lachlan Denton & Studio Magic – Taking Care

Honest and plain – brilliant – pop music. Perfect guitar melodies. Lovely, honest, voice. His way of singing is so rhythmic it makes me wanna slow dance. And how soothing to hear someone being the responsible one, taking matters into his own hands.

The Goon Sax – Love Lost

When I fell in love with The Goon Sax it was the first time in 13 years. This song says more about the downsides of love than any book I’ve ever read. When life is turned upside down even the maracas are trembling. It’s hard.


The Cry – Why

I’ve never paid much thought to what would happen if Field Mice played a Wedding Present song and chose to put Morrissey by the microphone. Still I have woken up with the chorus in my head every morning for the last three weeks (’Oh why, why did I care what you thought?’). Smiling.

Nap Eyes – Primordial Soup

Nap Eyes seem to like really great music. They make covers of Lucinda Williams, Neil Young and The Feelies. They’re guessingly listening to the Velvet Underground at this very moment. Nigel Chapman’s voice is one of the most likeable around. And the lyrics in this song are so good it should be a permanent feature in the curriculums for biology, social sciences and philosophy throughout the world. Still the lyrics alone make no great pop song. Amazing lead guitars do. This guitar melody makes me think there should be laws that prohibit pop songs lacking a melody that is leading the way, all the way from the intro throughout the song. Then again, then we shouldn’t be allowed to write songs.

Then Again is out now. Look HERE for more information on The Slow Summits.



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