(Make Me a) TRISTE© Mixtape Episode 58: Violent Scenes

Violent Scenes (© Antonio Stea)

Violent Scenes describes itself: “VS is the New Greek Theater. Mindful of Euripides and Godard ’s lesson, it despises the TV theatrical shows and declares that Tragedy is not violent. Violent Scenes is an attempt at being human”.
The band (Giorgio Cuscito: voice, lyrics, electric bass; Gianfranco Maselli: electric guitar, electric bass; Gianvito Novielli: electric guitar, electronics; Antonio Iacovazzi: drums, electronics) lays on a deep long lasting friendship between the members who are based in Apulia, Southern Italy. In five years they staged several works: an album, an EP, the theatrical show Abandons with the apulian company Teatro delle Rane, the psych reading of Dialogues with Leucò by Cesare Pavese, the live painting Sushumna with the sicilian visual artist Silvia Ruggeri, a few sound performances of Godard, Lynch’s and anime films and more than one hundred concerts, opening for Uzeda, Mokadelic, Aki Onda, Control Unit and many others. In 2019 Grim July, the first music video from Stimmung, directed by Antonio Stea, wins the Cineconcerto Music Film Festival in Montecarotto (AN, Italy). The second music video, Nope Face, again directed by Antonio Stea, won a special mention for best experimental film at the Tokyo International Short Film Festival in 2020 and the first prize for best music video at Paris Film Art in 2021.

What They Say: “When we played Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirt h, in
Catania in 2018, we noticed some similarities between the tracks we were working on
and the Japanese anime. As it was for Hideaki Anno, it’s difficult for us to distance
ourselves from our favorite creature, Know by Heart (Angapp, 2017), so we decided to
give it a last goodbye. Unit: 01 02 03 are nothing but three tracks of Know by Heart in electronic version, as we used to play them in the last years performances. The lyrics, like biblical passages, wished a rebirth which has become an apocalypse. COVID 19 pandemic is also a way to feel alive in a world, copy of itself. Is that the true nature of evolution? Die to be reborn apart from God?”

Their Mixtape:

Gianfranco Maselli (electric guitar, electric bass):

Mogway – Helicon 1

Mogwai, and especially this song, were my first approach to post rock, the genre on which Violent Scenes founded their melodic taste.

The Stone Roses – I Am The Resurrection

Stone Roses represent my youth. “I am the Resurrection” is the faded memory of a tender and sonic age where everything, even ourselves, can be immortal.

Steve Reich – Electric Counterpoint

When I was 20 I got shocked listening to Steve Reich’s music. Before then, I never imagined that there were people like him who enjoyed playing a guitar like that, taking it beyond its limits. After this discovery I started playing in a very different way.

Gianvito Novielli (electric guitar, electronics):

Anna Tsuchiya – Rose

Rose is the first song I learned on the electric guitar. It s the theme song from the anime
Nana, the reason I started playing.

Insensatez/ re-model by Alva Noto

Insensatez is one of the most soulful songs ever written. It is by Antonio Carlos Jobim but I
relate to this version because it has Alva Noto that remodels the Morelenbaum ² /Sakamoto

Zbigniew Preisner – Dekalog VII part 8

The last track is an excerpt from the soundtrack of Kieslowski’s Decalogue, composed by
Preisner, one of my favorite film composers. I got into his music during the first lockdown,
only later discovering a peculiarity we have in common: we both studied history and

Antonio Iacovazzi (drums, electronics):

Liturgy – Generation

It’s an example of metal music capable of breaking out of genre stereotypes and embracing new perspectives.

Autechre – Rae

Rae is perhaps the best piece of electronics ever!

Have A Nice Life – Guggenheim Wax Museum

I see in Have A Nice Life the best example of contemporary dark and post punk music to which in part we also aspire to be.

Giorgio Cuscito (voice, lyrics, electric bass):

Joy Division – Shadowplay

When Anton Corbijn’s “Control” came out I was 13 years old. So I discovered Joy Division and decided to start a band.

Uzeda – Mistakes

Simply the greatest Italian band! In 2019, during their Quocumque jeceris stabit tour, we opened their gig in Apulia. It was amazing!

Piero Ciampi – L’Incontro

Piero Ciampi is a poet we often forget about. That’s how I grew up and that’s where Violent Scenes belong too.

Rebirth is out now on Stand Alone Complex. Look HERE for more information on Violent Scenes.



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