(Make Me a) TRISTE© Mixtape Episode 69: Winter Moves

Winter Moves

Winter Moves are an Edinburgh and Glasgow based-band founded over Facetime in 2021 by songwriters Fraser Macintyre (Linburn) and Leo Bargery (Mt. Doubt). Born in during the pandemic lockdowns in Scotland, Winter Moves grew out of a remote friendship; sending ideas for songs, full songs and everything in between back and forth. This creative outlet was a real source of positivity for both writers and soon a real collection of songs were starting to form. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bargery made the most of moving into a house with a piano. Sending MacIntyre voice notes as song after song took shape, Bargery received thoughts then ideas in return until one sketch was returned with a full arrangement in tow. MacIntyre, starting to build a makeshift studio in the living room of his Glasgow flat, threw a few of his own songs into the melting pot, and it quickly began apparent that the duo had stumbled their way into a new project of equal priority to their solo ventures. Currently they are piecing together their debut EP.

What They Say: “MacIntyre first heard C U Under the Moon when Bargery debuted it during a livestream in 2021, and decided almost immediately that it was an ideal first foot forward for Winter Moves. Captivated by the uncynical romance at the heart of the song, MacIntyre fleshed out Bargery’s solo piano performance with lap steel, synths, ebow, backing vocals and organs to lift the tender meditation to new heights. C U Under the Moon was written by LB & produced by FM. Leo’s piano and vocals were recorded at Post Electric Studio by Rod Jones (Idlewild), while Fraser recorded his vocals back in Glasgow along with synths, lap steel, ebow + organ. Additional guitar by Andy Monaghan (Frightened Rabbit), who predictably knocked it out the park with a beautiful mix. Mastered by Paul Gallagher at Glenwood Studios. Artwork by Lauren Peters.

Leo’s piano & vocals were recorded at Post Electric Studio in Leith by Rod Jones. Everything else was recorded by FM at home. Mixed by Andy Monaghan, mastered by Paul Gallagher.

Their Mixtape:

Leo’s picks:

Scott Walker – Duchess

Simply a beautiful song from a remarkable album. The lyrics and melodies are deceptively complex; it’s a good lesson in presenting intricate songwriting in aesthetically simple packaging!

Mark Lanegan – St. Louis Elegy

One of my all time favourite singers, recently lost. I think ML has the best voice of recent times, I can’t think of anyone better. So much of his music carries such a dense, dark atmosphere.

Gillian Welch – Orphan Girl

Well, I have a real affection for country music; the songwriting is always really ‘pure’ and that is certainly true here. Not many frills or tricks, just good, honest, emotive songwriting from Gillian Welch.

Songs: Ohia – Lioness

Jason Molina is another songwriter gone too soon and another writing powerhouse that has been a constant inspiration. This is a song that I often put on during particularly grueling shifts at my day-job. It drags me through!

Fraser’s picks:

Jonnie Common & Sarah McNeil – Trickle Treat

Here’s my Scottish pick. Every single Jonnie Common song I’ve heard is a joy and Sarah McNeil’s performance is lovely also.

LYR – Winter Solstice

Spoken word from one of my favourite poets (Simon Armitage) paired with clever, cinematic production. LYR feels a bit like the kind of glorious creative scenario only a child (with absurdly good taste) could dream up. I’m a big fan of different genres and disciplines colliding and this is a perfect example of how inspiring the outcome can be.

Loudon Wainwright III – Half Fist

One of my favourite things any artist can do is to consider the significance of something that would usually to be overlooked or dismissed as unimportant. This song centres around the image of a grandfather’s hand in an old photograph, and it’s pretty exceptional how much it achieves in such a short space of time. I would let a seagull shit on my head every morning if the trade-off was a sudden ability to churn out genius little songs like this.

King Woman – Morning Star

Kristina Esfandiari is responsible for quite a few of my favourite songs (‘Damned to Love You’ by Miserable is an untouchable heartbreaker) but the latest King Woman record is my favourite thing she’s released and it isn’t even close. Very much in awe of her as a performer in the studio and on-stage.

Both C U Under The Moon and Dark Matter – Alternate Version are out now. Look HERE for more information on Winter Moves. 



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