My Raining Stars – Behind Her Lovely Smile (Song Premiere)

The Band:
After last year’s debut album from his side-project Meyverlin, with Gilles Ramey and Philippe Lavergne, French indie-popper and songwriter Thierry Haliniak returns, as My Raining Stars, with a shimmering new single, Behind Her Lovely Smile, the third and last one to be taken from the forthcoming sophomore album, “89 Memories“, which will be out on June 7th, on Shelflife (US) and Discos De Kirlian (EU), recorded with the support of young Danish multi-instrumentalist Casper Blond (Ethics) on Bass, Drums and Mixer duties. 

Behind Her Lovely Smile (Song Premiere)

The Song: “Behind Her Lovely Smile was the last song I wrote for the new album, yet It’s also the first song that really kicked things off, fourteen years after the first one.
I had been waiting a long time to complete the songs for my second album. My friends who helped me on the first one didn’t have the time to help me anymore. In October 2021, I shared a song with Casper Blond (who I admire for his awesome acoustic covers of 90s bands I love like My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Adorable, Stone Roses, etc and also for his own excellent songs with his band Ethics) from my side project, Meyverlin, and he thought it was a good song, but that it was a shame that the drums had been made with a drum machine. He then mentioned he could re-record real drums for my future songs. So I said to myself “times flies, go ahead… all these songs exist, it’s a chance to record a second album with a sound I like. If I don’t say “yes”, I will maybe regret it one day”. So we did a test using ‘Behind Her Lovely Smile’ in which Casper re-recorded the drums and bass guitars, replacing my electronic bass and drum machine. I sent him the demo on a Sunday and the following day the song was mixed and mastered with real drums and bass. I loved it! It’s the version you can hear on the album. I was so happy with the result that I asked him if he would consider re-recording more of my songs and he answered “go ahead!”. Three months after that the whole album was ready. “Behind Her Lovely Smile” also happened to be the first song I shared with Ed from Shelflife Records. He loved it and told me he was interested in releasing the new album if I wanted. I replied “yes, of course !” So we can say that this is my ‘lucky’ song!”

The Album:

1. Behind Her Lovely Smile
2. If You
3. Sit And Stare
4. The Way Things Turn
5. Too Soon
6. From The Day She’s Gone
7. Questions
8. Universe
9. Time
10. Emptiness



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