(Make Me a) TRISTE© Mixtape Episode 46: Meyverlin


Meyverlin is a musical project that traces a link between Auxerre (France) and Lexington (Virginia, United States) where Thierry Haliniak (My Raining Stars) and Philippe Lavergne (Les Freluquets etc.) live respectively. The duo is completed by Gilles Ramey, author of the lyrics. The group offers us a refreshing makeover of guitar and jangle pop (like it still was around 1985-1995). The members of the band recorded all their materials swapping music through the net and the result is Daily Events, their debut album which was released on October 15th on the Brest label Too Good To Be True.
This is a real guitar-pop album, for indie-pop lovers, fans of C86 sound, and in particular Pale Fountains, Shack, The Lightning Seeds, Candy Opera or even Field Mice.

What they say: “First and foremost, Meyverlin is a magical and unforeseen meeting of three headstrong guys, whose personalities are as complementary as they are different – an ex-member of cult French band Les Freluquets, eager to get back into action, an assumed lover of shooting stars, already spotted under the fitting alias My Raining Stars, and a passionate and motivated sweet and tender hooligan.
Aside from this near accidental friendship, Meyverlin is above all a three-syllable hydra that is led by three true music lovers who have faithfully ingested, wove together and spat out six decades of British pop with a panache that is truly only befitting to them.
Gilles writes typically razor-sharp lyrics, while Philippe and Thierry compose, arrange, refine, and perform the entire repertoire with a palpable and infectious passion.
From the golden age of jangly pop, as epitomized by the likes of The Smiths and The Housemartins, to the poignant shores of dream pop embodied by the legendary Sarah Records catalogue, one is reminded of an entire bygone music scene, gone but not forgotten, that glows and burns as if it has just been birthed, and rising from its ashes are the eleven songs that make up our debut album Daily Events.
Despite the obvious and accepted influences, there’s a fresh, original, and emotional continent emerging here, exposing a fragile balance between gravity (the sharp lyrics, the deep basslines) and brightness (the hazy guitars, the intricate and groovy rhythms), that merges feverish craftsmanship with a delicate and natural skillset. With “Daily Events”, the trio has embedded poetic rebellion into routine everyday life, revealing a melancholy so heartbreaking that it would make the angels blush, and facing up to a possible dark fate with front-loaded acerbic yet moving words and airborne melodies.”

Their Mixtape:

Thierry Picks:

Ethics – The Sauna Sessions 2021

My new fav artist: Ethics, a new shoegaze Danish group led by the talented multi-instrumentist Casper Blond, who released this year a top EP called “Kiss Forever”.
This band reminds me the best of the 90s shoegazing (Ride, Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine). Check out their live session to understand what i mean.

Teenage Fanclub – The Concept

An “old” one: Teenage Fanclub, one of our many influences for our debut album. Bandwagonesque is my fav’: only great songs.
Even if my first crush with them is Everything Flows from the first album – I really love the first period – I’ve chosen The Concept.

Gilles picks:

New Order – The Perfect Kiss

I’m a Factory Records teenager so New Order was my life’s soundtrack during all these years.

Working Men’s Club – John Cooper Clarke

And today i think Manchester is still alive with this fabulous band.

Philippe Picks:

Henry Nowhere – Good Thing

My new fav artist: Henry Nowhere, a young American artist I like very much. Love his soft voice, his melodies and the guitars (always the guitars).

Hopkirk & Lee – Free Arthur Lee!

Old fav: an obscure duo who released only one EP in 1998, Hopkirk & Lee, but to me it’s the best pop EP ever.

Daily Events is out now on Too Good To Be TrueLook HERE for more information on Meyverlin.


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