Lightning In A Twilight Hour – Her Own Refrain (Video)

A few months ago Lightning In A Twilight Hour released on the Spanish label Elefant Records, the magnificent Overwintering. this is the third album of the project led by Bobby Wratten, in collaboration with Ian Catt, Beth Arzy, Anne Mari Davies and Michael Hiscock. Her Own Refrain, the song which opens the second part of the album, is sung with Anne Mari Davies and it is a “deconstructed dub-pop. Traditional elements being removed, leaving a ghost of a song whose chorus suddenly switches into sharp focus and displays the most electronic facet of the album“.
The video is a journey from darkness to light and back again, through a succession of colors that Raquel Calvo has masterfully chosen to blend with the melody of the song. A real treat for the imagination that fits perfectly with the group’s imagination.

Her Own Refrain

The world goes about its business
Nothing she needs to witness
She moves to her own refrain

Sending out a signal
Calling to her double
It’ll take as long as it takes
For the answer to break

When you look around, do you see what I see?
When you look around, when you look around?
When you look around, do you see what I see?
Clearly displayed
Are we on the same page?
When you look around?

The world spins on its axis
Busy and relentless
She reads her days away

Sending out a signal
From her quiet corner
Unafraid to wait
She turns the page

Do you see what I see?

Overwintering is out now on Elefant Records. Look HERE for more information on Lightning In A Twilight Hour.



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