(Make Me A) TRISTE© Mixtape Episode 100: Gnac (+ Betweenness Premiere)

Gnac (Mark Tranmer)

GNAC is a musical project by Mark Tranmer that began in 1990. The inclusion of early single The Broken Fall on Tim Burgess & Bob Stanley’s 2019 Tim Peaks compilation, was a catalyst for recent GNAC activity: Tranmer performed & recorded the album Afternoon Frost (2021) from his home studio in Stirling, Scotland, during 2020ʼs enforced solitude. There was a Tim’s Twitter Listening Party for the album, and tracks played on BBC 6 music. A new GNAC album, The Echoes On Departure, will be released on vinyl, CD, & digital on 24th March 2023, preceded by the single/video Betweenness, which is premiered here today for the first time.
GNAC have played live in Seville, Manchester, London, Glasgow & Stirling with more dates in 2023. GNAC music has been used on TV – e.g. BBC documentaries on David Hockney, & John le Carré. As well as being a member of GNAC, Mark Tranmer was also a member of The Montgolfier Brothers with the late Roger Quigley (1969-2020) R.I.P.. The Montgolfier Brothers recorded for Alan McGee’s post Creation label, Poptones, as well as for Salford-based Vespertine Records. Mark Tranmer is a member of Vetchinsky Settings with James Hackett of Glasgow band The Orchids. Tranmer also recorded an album with Italian classical piano virtuoso, Alessandra Celletti, in Rome.

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(Make Me A) TRISTE© Mixtape Episode 99: Marlody


Marlody is from Ashford, Kent. When she was a girl, Marlody was one of the higher-achieving classical pianists of her generation, winning competitions and destined for greatness.  She hated it, and threw it all away.  In the intervening years, putting more and more distance between herself and her classical origins, she listened to Yo La Tengo and Shellac and a hundred other things that took music to new, untutored extremes. Marlody’s first album I’m Not Sure At All takes anxiety, weakness, fear – and turns them into strength: powerful melodies, the sweetest harmonies you ever heard, and lyrics that insist on the possibility of hope, without losing sight of the possibility of despair. Dominated by her extraordinary keyboard playing, Marlody’s songs are illuminated – and sometimes made sinister – by occasional bursts of programmed percussion, submarine bass and distant, chiming digital bells. These are deep, darkly beautiful pop songs which are strangely uplifting: they offer up their truths so calmly and are so generously wrapped in harmonies that they feel like gifts. I’m Not Sure At All is out now on Skep Wax.

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(Make Me A) TRISTE© Mixtape Episode 98: Nadine Khouri

Nadine Khouri (© Steve Gullick)

Nadine Khouri is a British-Lebanese independent musician & songwriter currently based in Marseille. Her first album, The Salted Air, was produced by John Parish (PJ Harvey, Aldous Harding, Dry Cleaning) in his hometown Bristol. A haunting collection of poetic meditations, with influences from shoegaze, film soundtracks & spoken-word, the album was included in Rough Trade’s Albums of the Year. Her new album Another Life was released on November 18th on Talitres. Recorded in London and Bristol again with John Parish and frequently touching upon themes of exile and disappearance, the album is set to a shifting sonic tapestry, taking in blues, fragile drum machine rhythms and sun-bleached 1970s Laurel Canyon rock.  Another Life’ is available now via BandcampRough Trade and Digitally.

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