(Make Me a) TRISTE© Mixtape Episode 15: Rachel Love

Rachel Love

Me and some friends formed the band Dolly Mixture in 1978, I was 15 and the other girls were 17. We were very serious from the start and learnt to play our instruments quickly as well as learning song writing. 
I’ve been in other bands since and 8 years ago started making albums under the name ‘Spelt’ with my husband Steve Lovell, ex record producer who worked with artists  such as Blur, Julian Cope, Holly Johnson and Morten Harket.
Last year I started writing a solo album and we recorded it all at home. The first single is Primrose Hill. I was inspired by a painting from the top of the hill looking out over London that my parents bought in the 60’s, I always loved it.

The second single was out on  March 1st, it’s a Dolly Mixture song called ‘Down the line’.
The album ‘Primrose Hill’ will be out in the summer, released on CowChow records, a new label run by musicians. At the moment there are 5 artists on CowChow, myself, Spelt, Annie Whittingham, Simon Adams and lemonessence. 

What Rachel Says:

Her Mixtape:

Stereolab – Cybele’s Reverie (from the album ‘Emperor tomato ketchup’)

This was an album that both Steve and I loved when we met. We knew that we were meant for each other, musically and romantically 

Dub Star –  The day I see you again (from the album ‘Disgraceful’)

I find this song so moving. It’s a great album and this is my favourite track.

Le Superhomard – Meadow lane park

We saw them play at the french institute in London two years ago and loved them so much. Beautiful singing. 

Nick Drake – River Man (from the album ‘Five Leaves Left’)

I hadn’t heard of Nick Drake until I met Steve. I love this song and the strings arrangement is so beautiful. 

The Undertones – Wednesday Week (from the album ‘Hypnotised’)

We toured with them when I was in the band Dolly Mixture. They were our absolute favourites.

Pascal Piñon – Þerney (One Thing) (from their album ‘Twosomeness’)

Such delicate, beautiful song. 

Melody’s Echo Chamber – I Follow You (from the album ‘Melody’s Echo Chamber)

I was introduced to them by my son David. I love the verses particularly. It reminds me of him being at home and playing music.

Beautify Junkyards – Sybil’s Dream (from the album ‘The Invisible World of Beautify Junkyards)

A wonderful, magical song and lovely vocals

Both Primrose Hill“ and “Down The Lineare out now on CowChow Records. The album “Primrose Hill” will be out in the summer.
Look HERE for more information on Rachel Love.

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