(Make Me a) TRISTE© Mixtape Episode 32: Flowertown


Flowertown’s sweet lo-fi melodies evoke a landscape of beautifully distant sadness. Karina Gill and Mike Ramos front their own projects (Cindy and Tony Jay, respectively), but have joined together in May 2020 for a 6-track cassette EP to raise funds for Peter Hurley’s Hit Gallery. A second cassette EP, Theresa Street, came out in August (both for Paisley Shirt Records), and now the EPs are bound together into a debut (eponymous) vinyl LP from Mount St. Mountain.

What They Say: “We first wrote a song together because our respective projects (Tony Jay and Cindy) were scheduled to play a show at the SF Eagle in March. Obviously that didn’t happen, but as shelter-in-place took effect we started trading song ideas and writing collaboratively. Sending voice memos back and forth and eventually recording the songs in Karina’s basement on a four track. We made two EPs that came out on Paisley Shirt Records on cassette. Now they’re remastered and on vinyl from Mt St Mtn.”

Their Mixtape:

The Fashionettes – Dreamin Of You

Good ’60’s girl band songs are hard not to love. The song opens with lyrics about everyday experience — an approach that resonates with us. And the almost blown out recording quality makes for a sense of urgency and energy.

The Love Positions – Into Your Arms

There’s a well loved Lemonheads cover of this song but this original is even better. An example of really compelling simplicity.

The Clientele – (I Want You) More Than Ever

The sloshy percussion on this makes the sweetness of the song a little murky in a good way.

Cold Beat – Double Sided Mirror

This is a bay area band that’s been cranking out awesome music for a while. The sparse layers in this song slowly build a chorus that blooms. Really catchy too.

Molly Drake – I Remember

Her recording sessions were DIY lo-fi endeavors. In this song, she recalls the disparity between two people’s interpretations of the same events. But she doesn’t sound like she wishes things were different.

Slumber Party – I Don’t Mind

This song swings along with simple instrumentation and lets the vocal line do its job. Her laconic voice makes us feel right at home.

Flowertown is out now on Mt. St. Mtn.. Look HERE for more information on Flowertown.


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