(Make Me a) TRISTE© Mixtape Episode 37: Cindy


Cindy is a band from San Francisco built around Karina Gill (also half of Flowertown project) with Jesse Jackson on bass, Simon Phillips on drums and Aaron Diko on keyboards. Gill became a musician only recently thanks to an encounter with an abandoned Squire Stratocaster left in the basement by a previous tenant, “mummified in electrical tape with the remnants of a burrito on the head stock”, that led her to begin carefully strumming her way through simple chords and making her own songs. After one self-released LP the band made the amazing Free Advice in 2020, first a limited cassette on the great label Paisley Shirt Rrecords, then on vinyl on Tough Love (UK) and Mt St Mtn (USA).
Cindy’s third album, 1:2, will arrive in early october.
The third and final single ahead of its release on 1st Oct is Party Store (with a video directed by Kevin Linn and shot by Mike Ramos).

What Karina Says: “Cindy is a San Francisco dream pop four piece consisting of Aaron Diko, Jesse Jackson, Simon Phillips and Karina Gill. We have a new record called 1:2 coming out on Tough Love Records (UK/EU) and Mt St Mtn (US) in October.
Our latest single Party Store is about repetition – generation to generation and within a life. It’s also about the almost altar-like character of some corner store counters: the kid photos and signed dollar bills and lucky charms and out-dated notices and ancient advertisements and winning tickets. Around here, I call corner stores corner stores, but that sounded like a terrible name for a song. I’m from the East Coast where we called corner stores “bodegas”, which is also a terrible name for a song. So we went with the Midwestern American version, “party store”, and figured we could get away with it as Aaron is from Indiana.
I chose these songs for you and wrote a few words about why. Hope you enjoy…”

Her Mixtape:

The Oilies – Dead Tires Demo

One of the things I love about this song is the way the chorus feels like it downshifts as if it’s going up a steep hill. 

White Flowers  – Night Drive

I discovered White Flowers through Tough Love Records. This song is dark in just the right ways — makes you want to close your eyes and join it.

The Pastels – My Heart’s My Badge

This song feels full of life to me and I really like the if/then structure in the lyrics.

Ice Cream Head – When You Will

This duo was active in San Francisco before the pandemic shutdown. I caught a few shows and really loved them.

Art Museums – Imaginary Day

Highest saturation life of a melody!

1:2 will be out 1st October on Mount Saint Mountain (US) and Tough Love (UK/EU). Look HERE for more information on Cindy.

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