Cindy – Earthly Belonging (single premiere)


Cindy come from San Francisco and released three albums so far: Cindy, in 2018, Free Advice in 2020 (released on Paisley Shirt Records on cassette and by Tough Love/Mt. St. Mtn. on vinyl) and 1:2 one year later (again on Tough Love/Mt. St. Mtn. and on Paisley Shirt Records on cassette). Cindy lead singer Karina Gill has also another project, Flowertown with her friend Mike Ramos.
Cindy have announced details of their latest album, Why Not Now?, to be relased Friday 14th April 2023. The brainchild of Karina Gill and comprised of several key players from the Bay Area scene, the San Francisco-based band have also shared a couple of songs from the album, A Trumpet On The Hillside, with a video shot by Gill herself, and The Price Is Right.
Today the band shares another song from the album, Earthly Belongings.

What Karina says about the song: “A friend asked if I wanted to go for a walk. It turned out she meant that we’d walk from one place to buy things to another place to buy things and another. I ended up feeling strange and this song got its start. 

The Album:
Some of these songs were first recorded as demos alone in my basement. I think that process set the tone for the record…Maybe it set up a kind of starkness,” says Karina Gill about the new album. 
Moving on from the fixed quartet that performed the first three albums, Gill worked alongside original keyboardist Aaron Diko to develop the songs and they enlisted players from the ever-blossoming SF pop scene to realise her minimalist vision — members of Flowertown, Telephone Numbers, April Magazine, Famous Mammals, and Sad Eyed Beatniks to name a few. The collective sounds fill out the record perfectly with viola, lo-fi fairground organs and a tasteful full-band sound that crops up throughout. A Trumpet on a Hillside is the most triumphant Cindy has ever sounded, all ascending chords and a wedding march melody tumbling out of an old synth. While the dream-pop tag is probably still relevant, this isn’t algorithm-fed genre ambience. “In writing a song” Gill says, ”all the disparate parts of being me momentarily correspond, like car alarms and party music momentarily matching beats.


  1. Standard Candle #3
  2. Earthly Belonging
  3. August
  4. Wednesday
  5. A Trumpet On The Hillside
  6. The Price is Right
  7. Playboy
  8. Et Surtout
  9. 10.Standard Candle #4

Why Not Now? will be out April 14th on Mount Saint Mountain (US) and Tough Love (UK/EU). Look HERE for more information on Cindy.



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