(Make Me a) TRISTE© Mixtape Episode 71: My Raining Stars

My Raining Stars

My Raining Stars was formed by Thierry Haliniak as a solo project in 1998. In the early 90s, Thierry was in a band called Nothing To Be Done that performed with artists such as The Boo Radleys, Adorable, and Moose. Being raised by much of the music of those times, especially influenced by the legendary c86 era and bands from Creation and Sarah Records, Thierry has a knack of writing classic pop songs. For the next 10 years, Thierry recorded demos on his 4-track tape recorder before Didier Frahier (ex-Nothing To Be Done, E-grand) offered to help re-record and re-arranged some of his best tracks. In 2008, these songs would become My Raining Star’s debut album From St Saviour To Quickwell. In November 2020, he released a digital EP called Obvious Reasons with featured song lyrics by his friend Gilles Ramey. Just after the EP release, Thierry formed a new side-project called Meyverlin with Gilles Ramey and Philippe Lavergne (ex-Freluquets). In October 2021, they released their debut album Daily Events on the French indie label Too Good To Be True. During this time, Thierry grew closer to Casper Blond (Ethics), a talented young Danish multi-instrumentalist, who offered to help him record real drums and bass on his songs as well as mix and master them. In early 2022, Thierry had completed the ten songs that will become the second My Raining Stars album 89 Memories. The album will be released on June 17, 2022 by Shelflife (US) and Disco de Kirlian (Spain). 89 Memories is an album particularly close to Thierry’s heart and one he is immensely proud of.

His Mixtape:

Old songs/artists  I love:

Oasis – Fade Away

“This band changed my life, I had the chance to meet them on their first tour in may 1994 before they became famous, they’ve been extremely kind with me, they put me on their guest list between may 1994 and december 1995, they couldn’t believe that french people would cross France to see them. After the end of 1995, they were too big, I couldn’t catch them just before or just after the soundcheck like I did during this period. With Slide Away, Fade Away is my favourite one. I’ve learned playing guitar with Definitely Maybe. Some say that they can hear the influence of Oasis in my songs, in fact I do not know but one thing is certain: I have listened to hundreds and hundreds of times Definitely Maybe and Morning Glory

Primal Scream – Gentle Tuesday

“I still remember the day I’ve bought this album on K7 in London. Just after buying it I ran to the hotel I was staying in and religiously listened to it on the old k7 radio that was in my room, I immediately loved it, this album is in my 10 albums all time favorites, I love all: the melodies, the sound, the guitars, Bobby’s voice. This album is a big influence for my music.”

‘Til Tuesday – Everything’s Different Now

” ‘Til Tuesday is the first “guitar band” I really fell in love with in the 80ies, especially with this album called Everything s Different Now. I love each song of this album. It’s not really indie (the production is very clean) but I don’t care. I ‘m touched by the melancholy in each of those songs. With Definitely Maybe from Oasis, it’s maybe the album I’ve most listened to. I’m stil a great fan of Aimée solo stuff.”

Adorable – Homeboy

“Adorable is the band I’ve seen the most in the 90ies with Oasis, more than 15 times. I was totally fascinated by their music and especially by their live performances, they were awesome, Pete Fijalkowski was amazing, so charismatic. I first fell in love with Sunshine Smile but Homeboy is my fav, this song is in my top 5 best songs ever”.

Ride – Twisterella

“I am a huge fan of Ride, I love many songs they’ve written from the first two albums, but my heart goes to this one and Leave Them All Behind. For me, it’s the kind of perfect popsong each “indiepopman” runs after 🙂 I’m a huge fan of Creation Records in general, I couldn’t name you a band I really don’t like from this fantastic label.”

The Upper Room – All Over This Town

I’m mainly influenced and in love with 90es UK band (britpop, shoegaze, baggy) and this band is maybe the only one i really fell in love in the 00es. I was in contact at the time of myspace with the singer Alex Miller, this guy is very talented. Unfortunately he was thrown by his record company after the 1st album, he tried re-start with a new group Voxpop but it didn’t work and then he sadly gave up music. You can find 3 demos he sent me on my Youtube channel.”

New songs/artists  I love:

Ethics – San Freecisco

“This is the band of the guy who helped me to record my album (he re-made all drums, bass and acoustic guitars), I really love what he does with his band Ethics. This guy is a pure genius, a top multi-instrumentist, I feel very lucky that I could work with him on this second album. I’ve discovered him with the awesome acoustic covers he made from MBV, Chapterhouse, Slowdive, Adorable ect. I hope one day he will get the recognition he deserves.”

E-grand –  She lives on

“It’s the band of my old music better-half Didier Frahier with whom I began writing music in the early 90es in a band called Nothing To Be Done. He helped me recording my first album (production and arrangments). I really hope he will also get the recognition he deserves because he is a fantastic melodist.”

89 Memories will be out on June 17th on Shelflife Records and Discos de Kirlian Look HERE for more information on My Raining Stars.



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