Francesco Lurgo – Sleep Together Folded Like Origami

Francesco Lurgo (©Giulia Maino)

The Artist: Francesco Lurgo is musician and composer born in Turin and active in Milan, previously part of FLeUR with Enrico Dutto, an experimental duo from Turin, who was described as “Electronic software programming crashes against improvisation and human nature”. The duo had two records out with Bosco Rec.: The Space Between in 2017 and Caring About Something Utterly Useless in 2021.
Sleep Together Folded Like Origami, his debut solo record, will be out on May 6th, 2022, again on Bosco Rec: an embrace of leftfield electronica, organic soundscaping, cinematic ambient and post-rock.

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FKA twigs e gli altri – Gli ascolti di Carlotta.

Carlotta Corsi per TRISTE©

A volte si dice che i silenzi parlino più delle parole e, fondamentalmente, quello che sto cercando di interpretare è il mio silenzio.
Non è voluto, sia chiaro. E’ solo che al momento non saprei esprimermi diversamente forse perché adesso non ho nulla da dire e, tendenzialmente, questi grossi buchi di narrativa spesso trovano la loro colonna sonora ideale nel mio assente ascolto.

In questo periodo non ho seguito in maniera continuativa e profonda il lavoro di nessun artista e la cosa mi fa tanto male, ma un qualcosa almeno, si è riuscito ad insinuare nelle mie orecchie e a rimanerci un po’ più a lungo.

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Constant Follower – Neither Is, Nor Ever Was Full Length Film

We love Constant Follower so much, you know. And we loved their debut album Neither Is, Nor Ever Was, which came out in 2021 on Shimmy Discs.
We talked about them a lot, we shared their music, their videos and their mixtape (which was a labour of love from them to us).

Now the Scottish band launched a Crowdfounding to get to SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas and shared a new 42 minutes video made by Scottish filmmaker Sean Hall. The Video, made to accompany Constant Follower’s full album Neither Is, Nor Ever Was was shot in and around Cowal Peninsula, in Argyll and Bute in the west of Scotland.
Watch it. It’s a beaut!

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Lightning In A Twilight Hour – The Circling Of The Seasons

The Band: The Field Mice was Bobby Wratten’s first band. They began as a duo formed by himself on guitar and vocals, and Michael Hiscock on bass. They were school-friends from Mitcham, and released their first single (Emma’s House) on Sarah Records in 1988. Later they expanded to a five-piece (adding Harvey Williams – Another Sunny Day – on guitar, Annemari Davis on vocals/keyboards, and Mark Dobson on drums) and recorded six more singles and four albums, with influences from early Factory bands such as New Order and The Wake, early Creation and dance and ambient fields. When The Field Mice split, Bobby’s new project was Northern Picture Library, involving Annemari and Mark. They recorded two singles and an album for Vinyl Japan, and then returned to Sarah for their final two 7”s, Paris and Last September’s Farewell Kiss.

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Permanent Vacation – Hymns From The Backseat (Exclusive Album Premiere)

The Band:
Once based in Rome, now in Mexico City, Permanent Vacation are a duo originally hailing from Pittsburgh and the North of England.
British singer-songwriter Chris Marks (also known as Lake Michigan) and American singer Juliette Rapp met in Rome at an unlikely time, just before the global pandemic brought the world to its knees and stopped time.
During the long lockdown, the two found themselves staring out the window at the empty streets of the Capital, closed at home “with so much world around them to explore” and, from an initial collaboration on the tracks of the Lake Michigan project, the idea was born, little by little, and developed in something new, a spark that would make Chris’s austere and uncompromising folk songs more vivid and lively, warmer and more welcoming, without, however, losing its oblique charm.
The band quickly teamed up with the Z-Tapes label, and in March this year released their debut album, the wonderful A Love Song For Everyone.
They make hazy, folk-tinged bedroom-pop songs, but they have a pretty vast range of influences from soul to jazz to a more song-oriented pop.

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