(Make Me a) TRISTE© Mixtape Episode 86: Keeley Forsyth

Keeley Forsyth (©Ross Downes)

Keeley Forsyth is a composer, singer and actor from Oldham in the north-west of England. Debut album Debris, Written in collaboration with pianist and composer Matthew Bourne, was released in January 2020 via The Leaf Label. Debris was followed up with the Photograph EP in November 2020, which continued Forsyth’s working relationship with Matthew Bourne, and brought Ross Downes into the fray.
The second album, Limbs was released on February 2022. Where Debris was composed and recorded in close proximity to instrumentalist and arranger Matthew Bourne, Limbs deploys a more expansive palette. With Forsyth at the centre, collaborator Ross Downes acts as another limb, remotely producing the pulses and drones which feed back into the voice. Bourne this time is enlisted to “Bring some of the soil of Debris” into Limbs. A collection of four remixes entitled Phantom Limbs, featuring brand new reworks by Ben Frost, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Yann Tiersen and Simon Fisher Turner Phantom Limbs was released digitally on September 30th.

The first time I heard Keeley Forsyth I think I sort of stopped breathing for a minute. This is the first thing Keeley and I have ever done together, and it won’t be the last. I am thrilled to be a part of this one and to be counted among this list of luminaries.” Ben Frost

Working on the remix of ‘Fire’ was an absolute dream for me as I’d discovered Keeley’s work some years ago and found it incredibly refreshing and exciting. It was her unique, emotive voice that immediately drew me in. That’s what I focussed on for my remix, building on and heightening her deeply moving impassioned soulful vocal outpourings. Keeley’s voice is always striking and her work is outstanding.Cosey Fanni Tutti

What Keeley says:“The artists possess a performative element in their work that I admire greatly. They’re ready to throw themselves into the concept and process, pushing far beyond the fundamental building blocks. I consider all of them friends through mutual admiration.”

Her Mixtape:

Balanescu Quartet – Life And Death

“This came to me from my love of Pina Bausch – she used the track for one her dance pieces and to hear it reminds me that music come from the within- the body.

Arthur Russell  – Let’s go Swimming

Arthur Russell was one of the first artists i came across who encompassed a sound that felt like a whole world

The Moon and the Melodies  – Sea, Swallow me 

This track provokes love within me”

Barbra Streisand  – The Way We Were

A childhood song that I listened to alongside the old musical movies i watched continuously as i was young and into my teenage years “.

Eartha Kitt – Avril Au Portugal 

Eartha Kit is a hero of mine”

Colin Stetson  – Beyond The Brake 

Phantom Limbs is out now through The Leaf Label. Look HERE for more information on Keeley Forsyth.



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