(Make Me A) TRISTE© Mixtape Episode 100: Gnac (+ Betweenness Premiere)

Gnac (Mark Tranmer)

GNAC is a musical project by Mark Tranmer that began in 1990. The inclusion of early single The Broken Fall on Tim Burgess & Bob Stanley’s 2019 Tim Peaks compilation, was a catalyst for recent GNAC activity: Tranmer performed & recorded the album Afternoon Frost (2021) from his home studio in Stirling, Scotland, during 2020ʼs enforced solitude. There was a Tim’s Twitter Listening Party for the album, and tracks played on BBC 6 music. A new GNAC album, The Echoes On Departure, will be released on vinyl, CD, & digital on 24th March 2023, preceded by the single/video Betweenness, which is premiered here today for the first time.
GNAC have played live in Seville, Manchester, London, Glasgow & Stirling with more dates in 2023. GNAC music has been used on TV – e.g. BBC documentaries on David Hockney, & John le Carré. As well as being a member of GNAC, Mark Tranmer was also a member of The Montgolfier Brothers with the late Roger Quigley (1969-2020) R.I.P.. The Montgolfier Brothers recorded for Alan McGee’s post Creation label, Poptones, as well as for Salford-based Vespertine Records. Mark Tranmer is a member of Vetchinsky Settings with James Hackett of Glasgow band The Orchids. Tranmer also recorded an album with Italian classical piano virtuoso, Alessandra Celletti, in Rome.

GNAC – Betweenness (PREMIERE)

Betweenness is the evocative first single from GNAC’s forthcoming album The Echoes on Departure which will be out on Vertical Features. The track opens with warm synthesizers tones and vintage drum machine, a hazy soundtrack to an imaginary film, before progressing to a dream-like German spoken word section and ethereal backing vocals, both provided by Kathleen Stosch of Constant Follower. The video for Betweenness, created by acclaimed designer James Ockelford (refold.co.uk), features pastoral scenes through a constantly evolving grey landscape as the track builds. James says: “In response to this GNAC track, I created a film about recollection; the sedate, calm, initial state is disrupted by the text that triggers a flurry of colorful memories”.

What Mark Says about Elizabeth: “I found this old 4-track recording in a box of cassettes in my attic after I moved to Scotland.” 

His Mixtape:

China Crisis – Performing Seals

I love the fact that a band in the charts would put such wonderful instrumental B sides on the vinyl. Often two, even on the 7″ edition (see also, the single, “Working With Fire and Steel”). Lovely drum machine here – 808 I think.

Andrew Wasylyk – Magpie Spring

This is from his first album for Clay Pipe Balgay Hill: Morning in Magnolia – with all the amazing artwork by Frances Castle. Are those Casio drums off one of those mid-size keyboards? Lovely wobbliness, too.

Nora Orlandi – Ginevra pt. 1

I don’t know much about Nora Orlandi, but Wikipedia describes her as “the first female film composer of Italian cinema”, and the picture of her on that page is wonderful. This is just brilliant – from a 70s Italian soundtrack, with some menacing minor chords.

Jo Lemaire & Flouze – Voices In The Silence

This track features Vini Reilly on most of the instruments – recorded in a studio in Belgium with Jo Lemaire & Flouze.

Chastity Belt – Different Now

I first encountered this one on the “Tim Peaks” compilation on Ace records – put together by Tim Burgess & Bob Stanley. Great intro. Great pop song.

Constant Follower – Altona

I share a studio (Hum of Gold, Stirling) with Constant Follower. Here’s one of their tunes, with Kathleen Stosch providing some of the vocals.

The Orchids – I Never Thought I Was Clever

My favourite new pop song of 2022 – and by a band that’s been going seemingly forever. I have known The Orchids all my adult life, having first encountered them years ago for an extended period during a three-band tour of Switzerland.

The Specials – Friday Night, Saturday Morning

One of the two B-sides of Ghost Town, and written by Terry Hall R.I.P.

Felt – Hours Of Darkness Have Changed My Mind

This track features Martin Duffy on keys: crystalline piano, and swirling Hammond. Rest In Peace, Duffy.

Alan Rankine – Love In Adversity

This beautiful instrumental is the closing track on his first LP. It also seems like the perfect way to end this mix tape. Rest in Peace, Alan.

The Echoes On Departure will be released on vinyl, CD, & digital on 24th March 2023 on Vertical Features. Look HERE for more information on GNAC.


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