GNAC* – Until The Heart Stops (Video Premiere)

GNAC* is the pseudonym used by songwriter and music producer Mark Tranmer for most of his solo work. The name is derived from a short story by Italo Calvino in Marcovaldo titled Luna e GNAC (or “moon and gnac”). Tranmer’s music has been described as “imaginary film soundtracks”. After releasing several singles between 1998 and early 1999, his debut album, Friend Sleeping, was released in July 1999 on the Vespertine label. For his second studio album, Biscuit Barrel Fashion, he moved to Alan McGee’s Poptones label. From 2006 to 2021 GNAC* released six more albums (including a double album with Italian pianist Alessandra Celletti). Tranmer also recorded with the late great Roger Quigley under the name The Montgolfier Brothers, releasing three magnificent albums. Mark Tranmer is also a member of Vetchinsky Settings with James Hackett of Glasgow band The Orchids. GNAC*’s new album The Echoes On Departure will be out Friday, March 24th 2023.

What Mark says:”This track is a piano-led baroque waltz miniature, with spoken-word and dreamy vocals provided by Kathleen Stosch of Constant Follower. This is the final track on the new GNAC album ‘The Echoes On Departure’ – out on Friday 24th March. I decided to release this track a few days in advance of the album, and on the eve of the album launch gig at the Glad Café in Glasgow. I commissioned the video from Turin-based artist and video-maker, Isobel Blank. I am delighted to be working with Isobel again, as I loved the animation video for A Simple Flower (the second single from the new GNAC album). This new one is completely different, and I love it too.

What Isobel Blank says of the video: “I became convinced that the course of the track was fully expressed in that succession of minimal landscapes. In my head, the piece speaks of the evolution of the landscape in a relationship, of something being torn apart and mended; of the physiological approaches and departures in the passage of time – even if sometimes the actual contact seems to take place. I see it as a very intimate journey into the dynamics of a relationship, the constant flux of coming together and moving apart. A whole piece of paper being torn apart, and then for a few moments trying to be mended.

The Album: Mark Tranmer says of the new GNAC album: “A concise version of the story is as follows: I finished previous album ‘Afternoon Frost’ in 2021 — and straight away I could hear the beginnings of the next album. It is different from the previous album; more electronic, but still with some of my favourite chord progressions — and a few new ones. I also felt strongly that this album needed a voice on two tracks — and was delighted that Kathleen provided that voice – and took those tracks beyond my envision”.

1. Bees
2. Anna In Winter
3. Consumed By Friction
4. A Simple Flower
5. Wait…

1. Fjiórhentur Vals
2. Betweenness
3. NIghtjar Retrospective
4. Tenebrous Autumn
5. Until The Heart Stops

The Album Launch gig will be tomorrow, Wednesday 22.03.23 at the Glad Café, Glasgow, with The Orchids.

The Echoes On Departure will be out March 24th on Vertical Features.  Look HERE for more Information on GNAC*.


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